Feb. 5th, 2009

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You know it's kinda for naught if your Professor tells you to focus on your Master's thesis, but then sends over his article for his new book and tells you to not only proofread it, but also to complete the list of references AND convert most of the figures into tables.
And then you open the doc and realize, that it isn't even in the template for the publisher, which you have to do as well. In addition this mean you have to convert all the other tables to the format of the template too.


And I getting a cold!! *argh*

ETA: And I'm going to kill him. He said "the few references"! It like 3/4 of his references that need completion!! *bitches*


Feb. 5th, 2009 09:10 pm
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It's 9pm and I'm in bed. Pathetic isn't it? But then I'd rather be in bed than fueling my cold any more by sitting infront of the TV or PC. I'm freezing my ass of literally.
I got the wifi on my itouch to work again, because it apparently doesn't like our router and I have to connect it manually, every time!
I have two of my "happy blue pills" as I like to call them next to me. I'll take them in an hour or so, because I'll be out like a light within 20 minutes after taking them. At least they help. Oh and I have my periode so perfect timing /sarcasm


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