Mar. 12th, 2009

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Hi my name is Julia. I'd label myself as a semi-practicing Goth nowadays (I hate makeup and I'm too lazy to apply the nailpolish).

When I was in school (that means roughly 10 years ago) I was the kid no one saw and who mainly wore boys clothes. My favorite color was blue specifically navy blue. My clothes were always a number or two too big, I loved baggy pants with lots of pockets (which I still do).
I don't know when it changed, when I started to like black better. I think it came with my choice of music.
The only color I would wear was black. My mother would go on and on how I couldn't just wear black, that I should add some color. She still does. I don't care.

Two years ago I added white and red into the mix. You just can't resist those colors.
Last year kakhi joined the variety but I don't have that much in that color. Then there's the green top in a flower print. Don't ask me. I am still not sure why but I bought a pink top last year as well. I love it because it's in this ridiculous western style with lace and stuff. *g*
My mom says that as a kid I loved dresses and skirts. I hate them. Well hated because I own several skirts now. Although they have to be at least knee length otherwise I won't wear them.

So what's the point of this post you ask?
I went shopping today in one of my favorite stores, Esprit. They are ridiculously expensive on occasion. You don't want to know how much money I've spent today (455€), but I wasn't in a store since December last year so I can be forgiven. I bought a dress. In a ridiculous pasley design. And a pair of pants in plain violet (no pic sorry, they apparently don't have it online).

I have gone crazy. But I love it, they look awesome.
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This is the title page of your local newspaper today.
The big word means "Why?"


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