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So, the neighbors are silent. Hopefully it stays that way today.


I got my extention on my thesis yesterday *feels relieved*
It really made me crazy not knowing if it would pull through or not. Because if they wouldn't allow the extention I would have been so screwed.


The kitchen guy is coming this afternoon at 5. After my Mom called the company yesterday. The guy should have done his job measuring the kitchen last week, but he apparently had some familiy matter that day, so he never came. But the company hadn't given us a new appointment, so Mom made a bit of a fuss.

She asked me if I could come by the house a bit early, because she's having problems with her 'puter. I don't really believe it, because she said it in a tone I don't like. A tone that has the undercurrent of "I am pissed at something/you." So I'll see what it's really all about and if it's not something computery I'm seriously going to flip. I hate it when she does things like that. We'll see. She's probably pissed at me, because I went to my Dad on Monday and "complained" to him about the craftsmen not showing up and doing their work. The only reason I did that was because Sascha and I needed to know when we could move: July or September? If we move in July we need to give notice to our landlady by the end of this month, aka Monday next week at the latest. But it looks like that'll be a no go. *sigh*


T-Mobile had a serious malfunction yesterday. Their whole cell phone grid gave out yesterday around 4pm, so customers of T-Moblie Germany were without cell reception until around 9 pm. Sascha was royaly pissed. His cell didn't work at all. Mine worked only half way. I could make calls to most people but no one could call me.


Anything else?
Oh yes, I was back a the animal shelter/"cat house" yesterday morning to help out a bit. They have a sweet little cat in quarantine that was found three weeks ago. Yesterday was her first day out of said quarantine. I wanted to take her home *sniff* but I can't take her in until September (after the vacation and the move). Until then she's probably with someone else already. Damn.

Ow Ow Ow

Mar. 25th, 2009 01:54 pm
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Yesterday I was on my feet from 9am to 10pm almost continous. By 10.30pm I couldn't move and barely made it to bed. This morning it wasn't any better with the standing. I think I walked like an old woman.

But then what won't you do for your new home.

My Mom called me like 5 min before I had to leave for the train to ask if I had time this afternoon. We need to have a look at kitchens and bathroom furniture asap because the plumper and the electrician need to know (asap) where the various kitchen and bathroom things are going to be. *headdesk*

The electrician comes today a 5 to talk about everything - the whole electric set up in the appartment will be redone from scratch - which is actually good for us but got really hectic yesterday night. Sascha came home from work at 8 and then we had to go to the new ap and do the whole layout of outlets, switches and lighting - with only flashlight light :D

So I had to leave at 10am to "the big city" to run some errands for Sascha, bought a new book (man am I proud of that one, first one since Christmas) and was home by 1. Then directly to the kitchen exhibitor whatever, where we were till 7.
OMG, there're way to many options to chose from. It's mad. But I think I've found one design that I really like ...

(45 min later after a phone conversation with my parents about various new problems *headdesk*)

... with burgundy red fronts and birch for the countertop and corpora. We'll see how it turns out.

And now we have to buy and lay out tarp to cover up the carpet ourselves. *Argh*
And the whole plumbing thing turns out to be way more complicated than we thought.

*off to read that new book now*
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I'm bored, bored, bored.

I'm sitting in my dad's office since like 4pm and am 'helping' Sascha install and setup the two new PC's.

We ordered pizza and I'm not feeling so good. I've spend way too much time on the toilette and my stomach feels queasy.

I'm just glad I have my laptop with me, so I'm sittting in a corner and read some fics, but no more!!!! *argh* I might need to reread some, just so that I'm occupied.

Me can go home noa????????????
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Seriously, does anyone want to adopt my parents????

It's just not normal anymore how helpless they can be.

*goes crazy*


Nov. 27th, 2008 11:06 pm
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This is madness. Seriously.

And to think that not two weeks ago my parents were down there, right in one of the hotels.

You have no idea how at the same time relieved and scared I am.
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Strange, sometimes it feels like foreboding.
I've got two new icons, and I think I will use them quite often in the near future.
They're just so fitting to the whole thing with my parents going on right now.
Actually it's pathetic, but I like them.

*cuddles icons*
credit for both icons goes to [livejournal.com profile] violateraindrop

*hugs flist*
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I've realized I haven't posted about what's going on in my little part of the world lately. So I'm hereby catching up.


I've added some really cool new icons so my collection. Somehow I have no idea if I ever will use them all, but they make me happy so *g*
(Thank you [livejournal.com profile] siubhlach by the way for allowing me to steal those two awesome Jensen icons)


Friday was spent shopping in Stuttgart. As always I didn't find anything for me at all.
Sascha on the other hand decided he needed a new (more precisely another) laptop/computer. So now he's the proud owner of an EeePC *headdesk*

We had also decided to go watch the new Indy on Saturday with my parents so we tried - without success - to call the cinema to reserve tickets. In the end I hijacked the ipod touch on display at the local electronics market (where Sascha was testing the EeePC before buying it) that had a wifi connection and ordered the tickes online :)

In the evening we had a get together at Sascha's father. Who, idiot that he sometimes is, had failed to call his son last week to inform him that he was at the hospital with pneumonia and pleurisy, because he was outside in the rain and everything without the right attire. *headdesk*


Yesterday was grand cleaning of the apartment day. I took apart the bathroom and realized that we have a mildew infested wall right behind the two cabinets we've set up. *argh* So now I have to get rid of it which is easier said than done.
Then we realized that our washbasin, which is as old as the whole house itself (ca. 1970's), leaks and we're having a little swimming pool in the bathroom. So now Sascha needs to call our landlady tomorrow and ask what we should do about that.
I HATE housework. I did like a ton of laundry yesterday.

So in the evening we, meaning me, Sascha and my parents, went to our local Chinese restaurant that has a great buffet and afterwards watched Indiana Jones.
Indy info, nothing much but to be on the safe side )


Today I did set out to finish the last parts of the editing of the articles for Kerstin, when I realized that I haven't copied the doc files onto my flash drive - I thought I had done it.
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OMG my Dad's finally getting the knack of all that cell phone and internet and computer stuff.
I just got a picture message on my cell from my father, the man who can't even get his new cell to work.
*is amazed*

On another note, my gerbils were at each others throats again. I don't know what to do anymore. I like had a breakdown right infornt of their cage. I just can't take so much shit anymore.

It's strange.
Everytime I have one, just one little good, fun, happy experience everything has to go downhill again.
And I feel bad for even writing and complaining about it.
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Hey you all out there.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Lot's of presents and love.

Oh and wish me luck. My mother-in-law's about to appear on our doorsteps any minute now. I haven't seen her in like 3 years, since she had thrown us out of our appartment. Well and called me a bitch and a liar and some other not so nice words. But I'm open-minded on a day like this. Let's hope she knows how to behave herself *g*
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Ok, so adding to the two options I came up with yesterday I managed to find a simple number 3: I'm getting a cold, which I think would be the likeliest.

But on another note, the reactions of my mother and father yesterday were hilarious.

I met my parents yesterday for like 15 minutes in between lectures (my mother goes to a psychology class for fun and dragged my father to it too).
So I was telling them, that I wasn't feeling all that well and the first reaction of my mother was "Are you pregnant?!"

Do you know what that did to me????
I was like "HELL, please help me, NO!"

Then I told her, that Saturday was my turn to get sloshed (is that even the right expression - fount it here). My father's comment was even better: "With what?"
Yeah ok, I can understand him, it WAS the first time for me.
So my mother is all over my father and then comments with a "Well, then you have alcohol poisoning." She goes into this long winded explanation that I must have alkohol poisoning, because I normally barely drink anything at all.
And I have to agree with her.

But in the end it's a simple cold I'm currently trying to cure.


I need to get into "town" Friday, but the train engineers are on strike so nothing goes.
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Where can I kill the one person responsible for the invention of Ebay????

I just waisted 2 (TWO!!) hours because my father was the recipient of a prank played by someone via Ebay.
My father is an avid bidder on Ebay for old books by Karl May.
Last Friday he received an email from "Ebay" saying that he got a so called "Second Chance" because the original bidder supposedly had recalled his bid.
We answered and suddenly they told us we should transfer the money via Western Union.
That and several other inconsistencies made my suspicious.

The problem is, my father has no idea what he is doing! He's not interested in anything and is totally helpless sometimes to even write an email.
If he would just read the news on Ebay!!
I'm actually glad he called me because he had no idea how to transfer money by WU so I stepped in and "rescued him" (300€ are a lot of money to lose).

It's frustrating to see that someone can be so helpless with anything concerning computer or internet.

Oh well, the only thing I know is that my mother will propably have started an all out war on my father. I'm happy to not be there right now. *thinks of screaming mother* *shudder*


Apr. 5th, 2007 11:45 am
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Uh, parents are great, but the problem is you keep getting reminded that they are getting older. And forgetful. Last time it was an open window, today it was some food they wanted to take with them to the summer cottage.

Ok, well I know I'll get a call sometime soon when they discover that I've forgotten some vegetable in the fridge last time I was there. Not good, but nearly a tie. *g*
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I love housesitting, really. Especially when it's my parent's house. It means they finally trust me again. Two times in two month is ... wow!


Jun. 12th, 2006 09:53 am
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Oh well, I tried to write this yesterday, but my laptop decided to not comply with me.

Family is sometimes hard. I have this fights with my mother for over 4 years now. Three weeks ago I last spoke to her, because she started this heated argument about a holiday  (Japan) my boyfriend and I want to make with them. But we can't come as my other half starts University in October (when the holiday is taking place) *oh my just overlook the grammatical errors I'm not awake also it's 10am*, so whe starts fighting with me and beginns to talk him down on the phone and later tells me how bad he is and so on.

I didn't feel like I could stand this anymore so I stopped calling her. Yesterday finally we went to make a short visit and everything was back to normal and that I hate more than anything else. Why? Because I know that this will happen again and again.

I know, my mother misses me and she can't stand it, that I now have someone else who loves me too. But hey, I'm 24. I can have my own live. I stayed at home till I was 22 so that I could save money and my mother behaved towards me as if I were a little child. I think she has to learn to let me go sometime.

Oh well something different:
Since I finished my newest book, "The Rule of Four" I have to go back to my stuff for University.
Writing an essay with 4 to 5 pages about "Midel English dialects" when you have no texts longer than 2 pages with always the same content. *ugh* O the other hand my thesis about "The Wars of the Roses" with 12 to 14 pages has so much material I don't know where to start.

So back to work.


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