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Mar. 14th, 2009 11:12 pm
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I might have ... written something. RPS that is. With a threesome. But no actual porn.



Jan. 29th, 2009 09:47 am
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so my first post after nearly a week is about a number.


That is 520 people are participating in this year's Big Bang Challenge.
Awesome, I can't wait to read all those stories.


Jan. 5th, 2009 09:51 pm
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I am like 400 entries back on my flist and I've never looked at it this fast.
So I might have missed some good SPN/J2 fics being posted in my haste.
Can anyone recomend me some good fics that were posted in the last week?

Ähm ...

Dec. 22nd, 2008 09:21 pm
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This is made of awesome. And I think I laughed a bit too loud.

What a mind can come up with, hilarious!
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So apparently my 'puter doesn't like my internet. I've not been able to access my mail or LJ or anything else.
Then it made fun of me by not cooperating with the pics from the roadtrip. *argh*

Now that I have access back it rewards me with things like

- the newest installment of [ profile] fleshflutter's Someone you might have been/Spy-verse

Damn she knows how to keep her readers on edge. But I have this theory. No seriously. )


- [ profile] splashpink's and [ profile] titheniel's newest endeavour Orwell.


Then again I found time to finally finish Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series.

Yeah, I had to read them just to be able to see what the whole thing is about and who's right - the people who like it or the ones who dislike it.
And I have to say ... )

I hope no one takes offense with that.


Now I'm off pining for more spy!Jared/Handler!Jensen and Orwellesque fic.
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I am really really really really pissed.

You know I just waisted three precious hours I could have worked on transcribing that last session on globalisation and environment.

But no I had to rely on my so called "study friends" and go meet them at the library.
Quarter of an hour after our meeting time I get a call on my cell and the somewhat unsatisfactory explanation that the daugther of one of the two is at the hospital with a possible concusion and that she had sent a text message yesterday night. So the other (who was calling me) forgot that I was meant to meet with them as well and only this morning did she read her emails and remembered to tell me - when I was already at the library.


It's sad but once again I've learned to not rely on others, as hard as it is.
I'm just glad I made my own thing with studying and did not rely on them entirely.

The only good thing this morning, which actually helped me through my rage (yes I was fairly angry) was the totally random - or not - email in my inbox this morning with porn *g* I love my beta job.


Jul. 25th, 2008 11:40 am
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OMG noooooooooo

*hides* *logs off LJ*

I just made the biggest mistake ever!!!!!!!
I had a look at [ profile] splashpink's new community[ profile] herogetstheguy.

Is ist bad that I - who never ever has written ONE WORD of fic - wants to claim a prompt???????

*goes to get her mind to focus on something else*
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So I suck. I have made an appointment with my doctor after my mom convinced me. Sometime this evening I'll get a phone call when I can come. This sucks. Royally.
But then the cold isn't getting better and I can't afford the flu, because of my damned final exam on Tuesday. *argh*

On another note

[ profile] siubhlach posted here bigbang Rules of Engagement yesterday.


And I'm impressed my the art done for her story. wow.
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It was too short, way too short. And damn I had to cry at the end. I wanted it to go on, to never stop. But it can't be. And I'm just so sad, *sigh* ) I need to reread the books.

That reminds me of a story connected to Narnia.
I had (still kinda have) this friend. We know each other since first grade (and lost contact in 2002). She's very religous and her parents (and thus she as well) always had this distinct opinion about certain books, namely fantasy and scifi. She wasn't allowed to read them.
I on the other hand love them very much. So one day, I think we were in our early teens (around 13/14) when I was visiting her and she showed me these books and said, that they would be perfect for me. Fantasy and all. And I was like huh? So I took one of the books and started reading, and to be true: I didn't like them!!
What do you think the books title was? Yes, it was "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". But I only found that out much much later, like when the movie came out in 2006. And today I like them.
I don't know, but I think today I can read them without her voice in my head telling me that the books contain so much about Jesus and God (and that was the only reason why she was allowed to read them) and that I need to "come see the light" (yes she said that).

Should I need a Narnia icon?


I hate the weather right now! It's raining and nasty and cold and ... just is.
I want the sunshine back! But not too warm.


I got the dates for my last exams today (except one):

Written exam on Political Culture and Political Attitudes in the EU States is on the 22nd July,
Oral exam part 1 on Globalisation and Global Governance is on 8th August,
Oral exam part 2 on Theoretical basics on the developments of Political Orientations on the 21st of August,
Oral exam part 3 will be on Public Administration - Change of Administration propably on the 17th or 24th September.

Dear god please help me. I'm going crazy with that shit. But in the end I'll be done and over with it for real.
I'll be on my way to Denver on the 28th September until October 17th. After that I can have a fresh and relaxed go at my Magisters thesis (Most definitely on elections to the state parliaments of the German Länder propably in combination with cleavage theory)




The St. John's wort is helping. I'm relieved as hell and just so happy, it's crazy. It's not perfect, but then I never expected it to be. But I'm much more aware of my surroundings and I actually get things finished. It's awesome.


I have a fic to rec:

Deadly Temptation by darkestangel

Be warned that the fic is not for everyone. It is quite long (51 chapters), is Wincest in some way, but more so Dean/several OMCs, has a lot of non-con and "rape" and a special bloody twist. It's just so freakishly awesome I'm ashamed of myself.
But I can assure you, it has a happy ending.


Anything else? None that I can think of. Maybe later.


Apr. 26th, 2008 04:22 pm
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Really, I'm so proud of being the beta for two really fantastic [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fics and I'm slightly nervous about it, because I feel like I don't do a good enough job about it.
I feel like I should give a lot more plot and character advices than grammar/spelling etc., but in my eyes they're just perfect in the way they are.

*goes into hiding now*
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This user was killed by one of her two spn big bang fic betas.

Please come back later.

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So, you up for some really, really good, corrupt, evil, bloddy, full of sex, winchesty all the way, demon fic??

More info here )

Go read!
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[personal profile] phantisma is doing a comment porn day over at her writing journal.

Well I know I can't write porn, but I want to read, so go over there and write! *begs*

Ha Ha

Mar. 31st, 2008 03:36 pm
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Ok, so I found this via [ profile] rah_ram 

The Geek Hierarchy
I was reading along, loughed at the description of the sci-fi geek and then at the very end I found this:

The Fanfic Writer

The lowest form of geek, the Fanfic Writer saves the Enterprise, defeats Darth Vader, and beds Buffy the Vampire Slayer on a weekly basis. Many of them "uncover" the true homosexual relationship between two male characters, but the worst offenders are the ones who insert themselves into the story, living vicariously through their characters because they have absolutely no life whatsoever. Ubiquitous on the internet, they have no real social grouping outside of its "tubes", so there is no way to actually identify them in public. Anyone you meet could be a potential fan fiction writer. Perhaps even you could be a fanfic writer and not even know it! (If I had scary music this is where it would be playing).

SO unfair!!
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So I bring some fic recs.
They're not all of the fics I wanted to rec, but the ones I remembered *bad me*

First of is [ profile] leonidaslion
I'll direct you to her Master Fic List.
All her fics are really good, the first of her fics I've read was the Angels'Verse and the Berserker!Winchester'Verse. Go read them.
And I can really recommend her Wincest (OMG Evil!Sam'Verse - Holy Shit). Just drop her a comment and she'll add you (They are friendlocked).

The Second is a story by [ profile] lovesrain44 which is called This is Sparta (Link to master post).
(Sam finds out that winning a soccer trophy won’t change his Dad’s mind about how the summer should be spent. Dad wants the boys in training, Dean can’t wait to try out that new crossbow, and Sam, he doesn’t want anything to do with any of it. Trouble ensues.)
This story might not be for everyone, because although it is a gen story it's rated R!! It has spanking and a not so nice John in it, so if you are a real John!girl(boy) you might not want to read it.


Mar. 5th, 2008 05:05 pm
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Yeah, yeah, I know I made myself promise not to read any fics in the next few days, but this I could not ignore.

So here is a fic rec without me actually having read the fic at all (so far). But you know, I actually know what to expect, meaning really really awesome fic -  fic that is 62,000 word long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a follow up in [ profile] rei_c's Five District, Five Drugs 'Verse

Fic: Burden of Knowledge
Author: [ profile] rei_c
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When the poto mitan’s presence is required in New Orleans, Sam and Dean find themselves in a battle for control of the vodouisantes. Dean expects trouble but doesn’t expect to find himself in a battle for his own mind.
Warnings: General spoilers up through 2x10. AU. Incest. Murder. Blood. Rough sex. Politics. Language. Drinking. Melodrama. Excessive use of various deus ex machinas.

The link goes to the main post with author's notes, and all the rest.
Have fun reading, I will *g*
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Ok, havn't done that in a while, but I just have to.

You have to read that fic. It's just, WOW, AWESOME, COOL, ...

Oh my god

Jan. 6th, 2008 11:43 am
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For two days I was too busy to even come online and go thorugh my flist or read fics and the I come online this morning and what do I see ... An update of one of my fav fics. Yay *does happy dance*

ETA: Apparently that wasn't the only one. Why does everyone have to update their fics when I'm NOT around? On the bright side, more to read for me.
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So, I'm back, have no real jetlag, which is good in my pov, but then I should write my thesis, but instead I beta *g*

This one's an AU with a twist (but sadly it's a WIP). Have fun reading.

I'll be there for you by[ profile] sunset_dark
Dean & Sam (Dean/Sam later); PG-13 and rising in future chapters
Warnings: contains references to self-harm/abuse/bullying later
Story Notes:  Dean and Sam are not related in this story, meet as teenagers and there is a little less than two years difference in their ages, although Dean is still the elder.  Sam is a Winchester, so John may turn up eventually.
Summary: When Sam Winchester arrives at Oakridge Home for Boys, he meets Dean Briarley.  Will the two become friends or enemies?  Just why are the two of them in a home that aims to rehabilitate wayward boys?
Author's Notes:  So I've not written much slash before now and so I'm a little anxious about posting this now.  I should probably warn in advance it's going to be pretty long (already have 25 chapters in the working of which this is the first). Need to say an enormous thank you to gestaltrose and Uly for their patience and for saying that they like it and it is worth sticking with.  All mistakes are still mine despite their efforts to get me into line!
Just in case anyone is wondering I don't own anything but most regrettably not Dean or Sam.

fic rec

Aug. 27th, 2007 10:17 am
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Oh, long time no post ;)

I've betaed another story, this time a gen one, with a really good spirit POV. Have a read and give feedback.

Fight Fire With Fire by [profile] tecetyeintyale
Horror, Gen
Sam, Dean, OC (spirit); R for some gore and violence, mild language
Warnings: Mentions of and allusions to child abuse, but nothing graphic
Summary: The Winchester brothers catch wind of a violent murder in Elkridge, Maryland that sounds right up their alley. The case isn’t as simple as it first seems, though.
A/N: Okay, so I’m awful at summaries. Houses of the Holy got me thinking, and I wanted to do a fic from a spirit’s POV, really get into its thought process and how it relates to the life it led while it was alive and why it leads to violence after its death, so here it is. This alternates between Sam and Dean’s POV and the spirit’s POV. Many thanks to [profile] dis3a53d, who was a wonderful help in planning this fic and getting some of the details worked out, like character names and the geographical locations; also, see my notes at the end for something extra from her! Thanks also to my beta, [personal profile] ulysses3_de, who helped me whip this into shape.


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