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I just got my last result from my polsci finals.
I wrote a 2.0 YAY!!!

*does happy dance*

I never would have expected it to be this good, it's one of my best marks in polsci. I had no idea that what I've written was enough to get me a 2 and not a 2.7 or 3.3 which I normally seem to get

I'm really happy.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 08:30 pm
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*tries to open her eyes*

I'm constantly tired these days and I don't know why.

might be tl;dr  )

I'm starting to ramble.

*off to take some aspirin*
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... I have no idea, but I feel a bit disappointed.

I thought I had actually done really good in my exam. It was the first time that I wanted the exam to last longer than the specified 20 minutes.
All I got was a lousy 3 - again!!

According to the prof I didn't go into the details he wanted, I stayed to cursory for his liking.
20 minutes. 3 topics with 10 texts. And you wanted to talk about every one of them!!
Surely you don't expect me to talk a mile a minute with no time in between for you to even ask your question??? Or do you?

Ah well, let's just be happy I even managed to pass the exam.
But now my avarage goes down the drain - literally. I just hope my written exam wasn't that bad.

In the end everything depends on my thesis. *argh* Way to go.
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OMG the secretary of doom actually managed to inform me that my oral exam takes place, tomorrow at 10!! Without me asking!!

I'm stunned, really stunned.
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I am this close to just exploding.

I was at Uni today because I had an appointment at 3pm with my political theory professor concerning my oral exam topics for next week.

So I wait, because I know that he tends to come a bit late, but after 15 min I ask his secretary when he'll come. You know what I get as an answer?

First she asks my name? Then she wants to know what I'm doing here. So I tell her that I have an appointment.
Then she procedes to tell me he's not coming in today, he called in sick this morning.
And then she tells me I'm not on her appointment list.

I was so close to just grabbing an' shaking her. She's such a useless person, it's not funny anymore. She can't coordinate anything.
Apparently she wrote down my first name in her calendar and forgot to add my last name, so after I left she didn't know my last name anymore and added a random last name she knew that fit with my first name. So this person got notified by her, but not me.

I just hope she didn't screw up my exam date and time and that the prof will be there next Thursday.


Kerstin on the other hand will probably leave Uni Stuttgart at the beginning of next semester (10/1) and go to Halle if she gets the job (she probably will, because the position was only posted internally and they actually wanted her for the position before that).
So I'll not have her around when I write my thesis, but she promised me she'll help and she even leaves the litarature she colleted on the topic with me, so yay for that, I don't need to do a big search on reasearch literature.


I had planned to finish reading the one text on collective opinion and heuristics today, but I can't concentrate.


Weather is totally shity today, raining all day long. It makes me depressive.
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I don't want to.

Can someone else please do the exam for me???

*goes to bed*

I'm pathetic.
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I am really really really really pissed.

You know I just waisted three precious hours I could have worked on transcribing that last session on globalisation and environment.

But no I had to rely on my so called "study friends" and go meet them at the library.
Quarter of an hour after our meeting time I get a call on my cell and the somewhat unsatisfactory explanation that the daugther of one of the two is at the hospital with a possible concusion and that she had sent a text message yesterday night. So the other (who was calling me) forgot that I was meant to meet with them as well and only this morning did she read her emails and remembered to tell me - when I was already at the library.


It's sad but once again I've learned to not rely on others, as hard as it is.
I'm just glad I made my own thing with studying and did not rely on them entirely.

The only good thing this morning, which actually helped me through my rage (yes I was fairly angry) was the totally random - or not - email in my inbox this morning with porn *g* I love my beta job.
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Can I kill my Computer?????

Pretty please?

I'm this close to just throwing it out of the window.

You know, I was finally working on the International Political Economics part of my oral exam when he decided to crash TWICE.

Now my motivation is shot to hell *ARGH*

I need to do something else for some time now.

Why do Interntional Relations have to be such a stupid part of PolSci?

I've never liked it.

It actually is the only part where I had to retake an exam in my second year.

Stupid, stupid, stupid topic. Why didn't I do a seminar instead of the lecture, would've been easier. *headdesk*
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So, I'm working through the lecture on Globalisation and I have to say I hate it.

It's nothing really precise and tangible. It sucks.

Well, I'll let myself be surprised with the second session, because it's on the theories surrounding globalisation. Maybe it gets clearer.

I'm amazed

Jul. 22nd, 2008 02:20 pm
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I actually think I made it through the exam. I'm not sure on the mark that is, it'll probably be barely a pass (either 3 or 4) but I don't mind that. I'll just be glad to have passed.

The question actually was quite good and not at all unfair. But as always with me when I need to write an exam the topic is one of those I've understood the least and thus haven't really learned it.

So now it is just wait and see how it turns out.

So while I was at the institut I decided to go to the office hours ob my interntional realtions professor and directly ask him about the topics for my oral exam and he finally could give me some answers (the email I got in return to me asking was less than pleasing and stated exactely nothing). So now I need to concentrate on two theories in IR (probably will use constructivism and critical theory - I'll see) and two topics in Globalisation.

Tomorrow I will strat two weeks of intensive learing.

On another note, I finally have an appointment with my hairdresser's on Thursday. Back to red colored hair *yay*
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I'm in no way prepared for tomorrow's exam, so I just have to hope that the question won't be to hard and I'll manage to at least write something that resembles the correct answers.

Ahh well, I'm actually really glad that I transcribed the whole lecture sessions myself, because it helps a lot - I remembered more during my today's readthrough than I thought I would.

Wish me luck.
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So my body has apparently decided to take part in Sascha's cold.
It's one week till my final written exam and I can't really afford to get a cold, but those evil little things have decided otherwise.

So not I have a headache, a sore throat, am constantly on the verge of throwing up and cough like a madman.

And I still need to transcribe two session of the lecture, oh and maybe I should start on the next lecture too, because that's due on August 7th.

Ahh ja, back to the joys of political involvement in democratic theory.
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I'm done, I'm wasted, my neck hurts like hell, but I've manages to transcribe 3 hours of my "Political Culture and Political Attitudes" lecture in less than 8 hours. Fantastic! /sarcasm

I'm just glad my professor isn't one of those people who can't lecture, where you fall asleep while he talks, but he's really good and tells little stories in between to lighten the mood.

So normally I should read those two texts for tomorrow's politcal theory semiar, but yeah .. I'll see.


*user has fallen asleep*
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You know, sometimes I shouldn't trust anyone.

I have my last four exams throughout the next three month and two friends and I, we had decided to do the exams together, so that we could learn toghether, and so.

So my first exam is July 22nd. We had decided that each one of us gets 4 sessions of the lecture the exam is about and transcribes the recording and so on. So yesterday I get an email that goes like this:

"Oh, by the way did I tell you, that we're not taking the exam this month but have moved it to February 2009?"

And I was like HELLO??????

Now I need to transcribe 12 sessions ALONE!! I should have started earlier.

AND ... two of the three other exams I'll have to learn alone as well *argh*

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So, I finally have the last of my oral exam dates.

It's September 24th, which means I have a whole month inbetween to learn. Which then means I don't have to really do anything for it until after August 21st.

They changed the date for my International Relations exam from August 8th to the 7th. It doesn't really matter, because we asked what the topic of the exam is going to be, and it turns out we have to pick out only three topics (of the 10 or so we originally thought it would be) and prepare the lecture notes and the texts. Bottom line is, it's nothing really and I can pick those topics I like which'll make if even more easier.


I forgot to take the St. John's wort over the weekend. I didn't even realize it until I felt totally detached from everything.
Can it be that it's really helping me that much?? I hope it does, but getting back up again is hard (oh well, I went through most of the bigbang fics so far and they are awesome - more later).
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It was too short, way too short. And damn I had to cry at the end. I wanted it to go on, to never stop. But it can't be. And I'm just so sad, *sigh* ) I need to reread the books.

That reminds me of a story connected to Narnia.
I had (still kinda have) this friend. We know each other since first grade (and lost contact in 2002). She's very religous and her parents (and thus she as well) always had this distinct opinion about certain books, namely fantasy and scifi. She wasn't allowed to read them.
I on the other hand love them very much. So one day, I think we were in our early teens (around 13/14) when I was visiting her and she showed me these books and said, that they would be perfect for me. Fantasy and all. And I was like huh? So I took one of the books and started reading, and to be true: I didn't like them!!
What do you think the books title was? Yes, it was "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". But I only found that out much much later, like when the movie came out in 2006. And today I like them.
I don't know, but I think today I can read them without her voice in my head telling me that the books contain so much about Jesus and God (and that was the only reason why she was allowed to read them) and that I need to "come see the light" (yes she said that).

Should I need a Narnia icon?


I hate the weather right now! It's raining and nasty and cold and ... just is.
I want the sunshine back! But not too warm.


I got the dates for my last exams today (except one):

Written exam on Political Culture and Political Attitudes in the EU States is on the 22nd July,
Oral exam part 1 on Globalisation and Global Governance is on 8th August,
Oral exam part 2 on Theoretical basics on the developments of Political Orientations on the 21st of August,
Oral exam part 3 will be on Public Administration - Change of Administration propably on the 17th or 24th September.

Dear god please help me. I'm going crazy with that shit. But in the end I'll be done and over with it for real.
I'll be on my way to Denver on the 28th September until October 17th. After that I can have a fresh and relaxed go at my Magisters thesis (Most definitely on elections to the state parliaments of the German Länder propably in combination with cleavage theory)




The St. John's wort is helping. I'm relieved as hell and just so happy, it's crazy. It's not perfect, but then I never expected it to be. But I'm much more aware of my surroundings and I actually get things finished. It's awesome.


I have a fic to rec:

Deadly Temptation by darkestangel

Be warned that the fic is not for everyone. It is quite long (51 chapters), is Wincest in some way, but more so Dean/several OMCs, has a lot of non-con and "rape" and a special bloody twist. It's just so freakishly awesome I'm ashamed of myself.
But I can assure you, it has a happy ending.


Anything else? None that I can think of. Maybe later.
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tl;dr entry - skip whatever you want.

It's funny what one little hour can do to a human body.
I'm tired, exhausted - in general totally wasted - without doing anything.
This morning I hardly got out of bed, managed to nearly fall asleep infront of the 'puter and thus went to the library later than I wanted to, being 11am when I caught the train.

I don't understand why we still need this stupid practice of changing the hour twice every year. It's not that it actually saves any energy in any way. It only leaves the body and mind totally out of sync and with a jet-lag without having flown. And don't tell me it doesn't cost money, money people and companies could use in other ways. But what do I know about it, I'm just a stupid student.


This strange occurence called weather is another thing that annoys me to no end.
Beginning of last week we had near 0°C and snow, the last two days (especially Sunday) 23°C and today back to roughly 12°C.

Dear weather,

April starts tomorrow, just so that you know.



I HATE my eating habits and my studying habits.

Eating has turned into this annoying thing that I don't have time for.
But actually I have the time!! I have enough time to make some real things but I don't do it.
It even is too much of a hardship to even get a bowl, cereal and milk out and eat something. The only thing I manage to make is a coffee.

It's not that I don't like cooking, I like it, it's just my mind's not up for it.

The same goes for studying. I should read, read all this stuff for May 6th (see my sticky post) but I can't.
I just can't and no one understands.

Sascha is this tactless idiot the last few weeks who has no idea how I feel.
He just makes fun - sometimes of me (and people like me) and sometimes just some real stupid stuff and thinks that'll help me. Ok so the stupid stuff gets me to laugh and it feels good, really good. But the other thing just leaves me frustrated.

But I love him, so dearly it's crazy.


On another note, had a bbq yesterday for the first time this year. Come on 23°C, who wouldn't take advantage of that.


Sascha starts evening school alongside his job on Friday to finally get his high school diploma/GED equivalent (I like this phrase: certificate of eligibility for training at an institution of higher learning *g* - allgemeine Hochschulreife for the German speakers).
Don't make me explain, University simply doesn't accept the diploma he got while in job training *argh*

So now our trip to London might be in jeopardy, meaning I might have to go alone. We'll see. May 1st is a holiday here in Germany, and the school in general is closed on the 2nd, but we're not sure it applies to evening school. *crosses fingers*

TMI - don't read if you can't stand some strange thing about sex!!!!!! )


So now I'm off to friend [livejournal.com profile] rei_c, I've wanted to do that for a long time now, but never found the courage to actually do it. *headdesk*
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*g* So yesterday meant spending 6 hours with 5 guys, all of which are a bit crazy (including Sascha).
We spend 2 hours driving to this military shop, wasted 2 hours going through things no one needs.
Who the hell needs MREs when you can have real food? (Obviously they contain Skiddles, so Sascha was in heaven)
Who the hell needs a Petromax, when Rainer already has one? But no, now Sascha owns one as well.

Yeah so, now I'm equiped for the Big Game in May (Paintball) with BDUs. *bfg*
Mahlwinkel is (apparently) Europe's biggest woodland Big Game and it's war *g*

ETA: Ups, I maybe should do a cut here. Two vids )

I haven't played in like 3 years, but it's not the first woodland game I've done. I like it so much more than speedball games which royally suck.
The fun thing about Mahlwinkel is, that it's NOT subjected to German rules, so camo and all that is allowed.

I'm already nursing my wounds, those that I know I'll definitely going to have.


May apparently seems to be the month that sucks.
First May 2nd to May 4th: London, Steve Carlson. Sascha probably can't come with me and I'm so frustrated because he starts school on April 4th (Friday evenings and Saturdays, but not during holidays). He has some leniency and I just hope he can be excused for this weekend.

Then second May 6th: My oral exams. *not thinking about it right now*

Then May 10th to May12th: Mahlwinkel. It's the beginning of the German Pentecost/Whitsun holidays (two weeks of no school for the kids - one week for Uni students). But we're not sure if this first weekend (9/10th May) is already holiday for Sascha or not.

Whatever, I'm just not thinking about all this shit right now. I'm enjoying easter break, which means tomorrow is free. *g*
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So, I'm currently trying to avoid going over my American Dramas and Old English by putting together my reading list for the oral exam in May.

Now, I had a look at the reading list for my "Bachelor exams" and I had totally forgotten that "Our Town" and  "The Hairy Ape" where on that list. So I've already done analyses and so one on those two. *embarrassing*

I've decided on (American) Gothic as my first main topic, 20th Century American Short Stories as the second, and poetry as the minor topic (but in what combination no idea yet)

So this is what I have so far )

Do any of you have interesting short stories, poems or even a gothic novel I can add??


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