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And here we go again. *headdesk*

I have my headphones on and am watching the new SPN. I hear nothing.
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So, the neighbors are silent. Hopefully it stays that way today.


I got my extention on my thesis yesterday *feels relieved*
It really made me crazy not knowing if it would pull through or not. Because if they wouldn't allow the extention I would have been so screwed.


The kitchen guy is coming this afternoon at 5. After my Mom called the company yesterday. The guy should have done his job measuring the kitchen last week, but he apparently had some familiy matter that day, so he never came. But the company hadn't given us a new appointment, so Mom made a bit of a fuss.

She asked me if I could come by the house a bit early, because she's having problems with her 'puter. I don't really believe it, because she said it in a tone I don't like. A tone that has the undercurrent of "I am pissed at something/you." So I'll see what it's really all about and if it's not something computery I'm seriously going to flip. I hate it when she does things like that. We'll see. She's probably pissed at me, because I went to my Dad on Monday and "complained" to him about the craftsmen not showing up and doing their work. The only reason I did that was because Sascha and I needed to know when we could move: July or September? If we move in July we need to give notice to our landlady by the end of this month, aka Monday next week at the latest. But it looks like that'll be a no go. *sigh*


T-Mobile had a serious malfunction yesterday. Their whole cell phone grid gave out yesterday around 4pm, so customers of T-Moblie Germany were without cell reception until around 9 pm. Sascha was royaly pissed. His cell didn't work at all. Mine worked only half way. I could make calls to most people but no one could call me.


Anything else?
Oh yes, I was back a the animal shelter/"cat house" yesterday morning to help out a bit. They have a sweet little cat in quarantine that was found three weeks ago. Yesterday was her first day out of said quarantine. I wanted to take her home *sniff* but I can't take her in until September (after the vacation and the move). Until then she's probably with someone else already. Damn.
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*headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk*
*headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk* *headesk*

Srsly, it's still screaming matches one floor above.
I'm getting annoyed really fast right now.

It's one thing to have an argument and be done with it. Sascha and me do have that from time to time as well, but we don't scream down the house the whole afternoon and way into the evening.
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Herrgott noch einmal, es reicht so langsam!
Ne Stunde oder so kann ich ja noch verstehn, aber 5?

*headesk* Goddam sons of bitches just shut your trap!
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(sorry for the capslook but *argh*)

Ow Ow Ow

Mar. 25th, 2009 01:54 pm
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Yesterday I was on my feet from 9am to 10pm almost continous. By 10.30pm I couldn't move and barely made it to bed. This morning it wasn't any better with the standing. I think I walked like an old woman.

But then what won't you do for your new home.

My Mom called me like 5 min before I had to leave for the train to ask if I had time this afternoon. We need to have a look at kitchens and bathroom furniture asap because the plumper and the electrician need to know (asap) where the various kitchen and bathroom things are going to be. *headdesk*

The electrician comes today a 5 to talk about everything - the whole electric set up in the appartment will be redone from scratch - which is actually good for us but got really hectic yesterday night. Sascha came home from work at 8 and then we had to go to the new ap and do the whole layout of outlets, switches and lighting - with only flashlight light :D

So I had to leave at 10am to "the big city" to run some errands for Sascha, bought a new book (man am I proud of that one, first one since Christmas) and was home by 1. Then directly to the kitchen exhibitor whatever, where we were till 7.
OMG, there're way to many options to chose from. It's mad. But I think I've found one design that I really like ...

(45 min later after a phone conversation with my parents about various new problems *headdesk*)

... with burgundy red fronts and birch for the countertop and corpora. We'll see how it turns out.

And now we have to buy and lay out tarp to cover up the carpet ourselves. *Argh*
And the whole plumbing thing turns out to be way more complicated than we thought.

*off to read that new book now*
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Got this letter in the mail today. From one of our local TV/telephone/internet providers (KableBW).

The house we live in has satellite TV (no provider) and the general telephone access by the German T-Com and via that internet by AOL.

Now this letter more or less accuses us, that we use their (KableBW) cable connection to watch TV without paying for it. The letter is a general pre-written one, that others got as well.
We know that the connection to KableBW is disconnected generally in our complex, because no one uses it (and our landlady installed the satellite dish because of that).

What really makes me angry is the last sentence, that states that if we don't contact them till the 15th December someone will come and disconnect our access.
It's not even our problem because we have no connection to their network in our apartment.

But still, we have get into contact with them to sort this thing out. *headdesk*

That reminds me of a postcard a few month back where they told us we had to subscribe to their service, because if we wouldn't then we would have no service at all. That's how they tried to corner people into buying their service.
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I just had to reboot my PC three fucking times in the span of half an hour, because my graphics card apparently can't handle five open Firefox tabs.
I've d/l a new driver but I'll wait for Sascha to tell me yes/no on the installation. I don't want to mess up this piece of shit technology anymore than it already is.

Seriously, I think I'm cursed or something when it comes to tech things.

I had to clean out my freezer yesterday night, because it had suddenly decided to really freeze up water (wherever it came from) all over the inside and I couldn't close the door anymore. *headshake*
So now I have it on 'super freeze whatever' since 9 last night and it still isn't on the right temp. I think most of the things I have in the freezer have gone bad, because they've warmed up too much. Damn, I don't want to throw away the things, they were expensive enough and I don't think we have enough money left to replace them.

Ahh life how I like you.


The neighbor's dog started to bark at 4am this morning. Me and especially Sascha are dog lovers mind you, but we were this close to just murder someone today.
The problem is, the guy leaves in the evening and comes back at around 7am or so and the dog is home alone all the time (except for two cats). I don't want to have a look at his apartment. That poor dog had to have pissed and shit all over the apartment.
If it doesn't stop this week, and I think we gave him enough time and warning to have it taken care of, we'll call our local animal shelter and have them take care of it. I normally don't intervene with something like this, but if it robs us of our sleep, and that poor dog is suffering, I can't look away anymore.


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