Mar. 7th, 2008 09:45 am
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After another odyssey I finally managed to get a pass on my last seminar and now can officially take my finals.

The odyssey can be described as the following:

- Was there (the prof's office) at quarter to one as told on Tuesday.
- At first he had no idea why I was there.
- Then he told me that he hadn't had any chance to take a look at the paper until now.
- If I could come back in an hour?
- Sure why not (internal rage barely held at bay).
- Went to eat lunch.
- Came back at 2pm.
- Passed with a 3.5 (better than nothing, I just wanted to pass).
- Got mocked for my language skills (word order, grammar, idioms, style) *fuck you*.
- Got told that I missed to mention a certain part - I wrote half a page about it, but apparently if you don't do your homework you miss things like that. *sarcasm at its highest*
- Got told that a part that was ok in the first version now is apparently totally wrong.
- Can that man for once decide for one or the other, not both.

- Actually had a really nice talk with the prof about the oral exam.
- Oral exam on May 6, after my weekend in London *g*.

- Had an even better talk with the prof who is responsible for the registration of the exams.

- Got a letter from the University management that I haven't payed for my fees and if I don't do so until April 1st I can't be employed by the University anymore.
- Wrote an email to the person responsible and told her, that I have payed the fees and that she should get a notice in the next few days (hopefully) *g*.

*goes back to Old English syntax*
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Today is a totally fucked up day, seriously.
I am this close to just giving up and ending it all.

But then again I don't have the nerve to do that, man I wouldn't want to miss all those awesome fics out there.

So today started with me getting up earlier than normal meaning 7.30am, so I could catch the train at 8.30am and head to the library to finish up that stupid Gothic paper.
Everything ok, I sit at the computer in the library and find out that I've just just wasted an hour by simply forgetting my flashdrive with all my work on it.
Fuck the day to hell, I went to collect my second to last certificate and went home, which meant I was home by 11am.
I went straight to work and actually was finished writing by 3.30pm, yay!!
So I went in to University again at 4, arrived at 5pm, printed the paper, created a pdf and sent it to the professor and then walked over to the English lit institute to hand in the printed version.

So who did I ran across? Yep you're right the professor. So I tell him my problem (that he needs to have a look at the paper till Friday, because I need the certificate to sign up for the exams next week).
And he just looks at me and asks me if I believe that he would give me that much time to revise a paper (3 month isn't that long, technically I do have a whole year according to the regulations, but I didn't tell him that).
And I was like "Uhh, hello? You didn't give a timeframe at all!" *argh* I could have killed him right there.
So he was like "Oh you did send me an email, ok then. Are you in on Thursday?"
Me "Ahm, no, but I can be?"
Him "Ok, so be here Thursday around 1pm and I'll see what I can do"

*ARGH* *KILL,KILL* Why do University professors have to be so stupid??

Ah well, then I realised that I havn't payed for my student fees (they where due mid February), so I went online and did some online banking *g*

Then when I came home at 7 it had snowed in a rough 10 to 15 mile radius around my hometown. But it wasn't the nice kinda snow it was more water than anything, like sludge.
Walking the 10 minutes from the train station to my apartment meant I had a swimming pool in my shoes.

And now I should actually go through those spark notes on O'Neill, Williams, Shepard and Wilder, but I don't want to.

*Is off to watch Stargate - the Ark of Truth*
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Ok, so after about 3 month of doing nothing, I've taken some time and finally started to honestly write that stupid Gothic Paper. I'm 13 pages in and am just about to start the analysis of A Rose for Emily by Faulkner. Let's see how it turns out.
I'm a terrible procrastinator. It acctually needs to be done by the end of the week (tomorrow would be better *g*).

I havn't learnt a bit for my finals which are next week (12+13th March), but oh well. What can I say.

I hope I manage to write 20 pages. *stupid professor*

Do tell?

Feb. 26th, 2008 02:12 pm
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Oh man, sometimes I really ask myself how I could study English literature.

I'm still struggeling with that stupid paper on Gothic literature.
I nailed the introduction in like 20 minutes, but the rest ...

It's just, all that I need I could write down in like 5 pages and be done with it. But no, the professor wants 20 pages and everything in an oh so high style of writing I could *ยง=(/%@*
I just can't do that, my writing is clear and precise, not flourished and posh as is "required".
Adding to that is the crappy secondary literature, which makes no sense at all and isn't even organized in any way. I could just write it down the way I need it, but then I would have a problem with references and I can't "plagiate" anything, meaning I need a reference for every single thing I write down.

*goes to kill that annoying fly that distrubs her concentration*
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Ok, so today was the deadline for me handing in my second to last paper ever. And I've been procrastinating for weeks now. So today I had ot sit down and finally write it. I have ready done my research and everything (3 hours in the library *g*) last year.

And I've finished and handed it in. YAY!

But what makes me say that I'm an idiot is the amount of time I have needed to complete it. 6 hours. That's nothing. It's about the same amount of time I've needed for my Short Story Theory paper (which I've passes with a 2.5, second best paper ever. The best being a 1.7 for the essay on John Cheever).
And I was so concerned that I wouldn't find the time to finish it. Apparently the only thing I need is a day without anyone disturbing me, no fanfics (*g*) and definitely no music, which is strange (I have always worked better with music so far).

Ahh well, I'm not complaining at all.
Now I only need to rework my Gothic paper on A Rose for Emily. I would so love to hate that man of a professor, but I can't because I have to write my final exam with him AND he's my examiner in the orals. *argh*
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Ok, so I just deleted what I've written totally by mistake and I'm too lazy to type it up again.

Basically wish me luck. I have an appointment with one of my English Lit Profs in three hours and I get back my paper from last year.
All I need is a pass on it. But I have a bad feeling. But then again if I failed it he would have contacted me to rewrite it.

So I hope I passed. Because if not I can forget my finals in March.



Jun. 20th, 2007 12:17 pm
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I love this seminar.

We're just discussing M.G. Lewis "The Monk" and I've never takled so much about sucuba and demons at University than today.
Gender stereotypes are fun.

more later
*back to listening to the prof*


Apr. 19th, 2007 05:46 pm
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I hate unformated texts.
You would think, that when reading a novel everything is nicely formated so that you can read the story easily.
Far from it.

I'm currently reading "The Casle of Otranto" by Horace Walpole for my Gothic and Neo-Gothic seminar and it's strenuous.

You have 10 to 15 pages with one pragraph and there's no difference between normal text and direct speech - not even in single quotation marks.

I think I'm going crazy. I've never had so much to read for University and I'm still looking for Mark Twain's "How to write a stroy short" and E.A. Poe's Short Story Theory - I can't find the review of Hawthorne's "Twice Told Tales" by Poe. I should've just typed it into Google. *shakes head* I'm too tired for this.


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