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So, the neighbors are silent. Hopefully it stays that way today.


I got my extention on my thesis yesterday *feels relieved*
It really made me crazy not knowing if it would pull through or not. Because if they wouldn't allow the extention I would have been so screwed.


The kitchen guy is coming this afternoon at 5. After my Mom called the company yesterday. The guy should have done his job measuring the kitchen last week, but he apparently had some familiy matter that day, so he never came. But the company hadn't given us a new appointment, so Mom made a bit of a fuss.

She asked me if I could come by the house a bit early, because she's having problems with her 'puter. I don't really believe it, because she said it in a tone I don't like. A tone that has the undercurrent of "I am pissed at something/you." So I'll see what it's really all about and if it's not something computery I'm seriously going to flip. I hate it when she does things like that. We'll see. She's probably pissed at me, because I went to my Dad on Monday and "complained" to him about the craftsmen not showing up and doing their work. The only reason I did that was because Sascha and I needed to know when we could move: July or September? If we move in July we need to give notice to our landlady by the end of this month, aka Monday next week at the latest. But it looks like that'll be a no go. *sigh*


T-Mobile had a serious malfunction yesterday. Their whole cell phone grid gave out yesterday around 4pm, so customers of T-Moblie Germany were without cell reception until around 9 pm. Sascha was royaly pissed. His cell didn't work at all. Mine worked only half way. I could make calls to most people but no one could call me.


Anything else?
Oh yes, I was back a the animal shelter/"cat house" yesterday morning to help out a bit. They have a sweet little cat in quarantine that was found three weeks ago. Yesterday was her first day out of said quarantine. I wanted to take her home *sniff* but I can't take her in until September (after the vacation and the move). Until then she's probably with someone else already. Damn.
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Anger is awesome, sometimes.

Especially when the anger is directed towards your mother.

I just spring cleaned the bathroom and the toilet and vacuumed the whole apartment.

Now my fingernails look like shit, but I don't care.

The only thing I wanna do now is sleep alas I need to code Wednesdays prompts over at [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic.

ETA: Or you know, go shopping for tomorrows bbq, because Rainer totally forgot to buy meat and supplies when he was at the wholsale. *headdesk*
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*stares at her monitor with a ridiculously awesome looking Dean/Jensen*

I can't watch it, I can't!

I'm like covering my eyes every few seconds, because of the ridiculously awesome Mister hotass and all the implications that come with said new episode. *argh*

I am so seriously screwed.


In other news, had a doctor's appointment this morning at the University Hospital in Tuebingen. Thorough check up on all things woman (After two years the first time). Right now everything looks ok. Let's hope it stays that way.

Ow Ow Ow

Mar. 25th, 2009 01:54 pm
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Yesterday I was on my feet from 9am to 10pm almost continous. By 10.30pm I couldn't move and barely made it to bed. This morning it wasn't any better with the standing. I think I walked like an old woman.

But then what won't you do for your new home.

My Mom called me like 5 min before I had to leave for the train to ask if I had time this afternoon. We need to have a look at kitchens and bathroom furniture asap because the plumper and the electrician need to know (asap) where the various kitchen and bathroom things are going to be. *headdesk*

The electrician comes today a 5 to talk about everything - the whole electric set up in the appartment will be redone from scratch - which is actually good for us but got really hectic yesterday night. Sascha came home from work at 8 and then we had to go to the new ap and do the whole layout of outlets, switches and lighting - with only flashlight light :D

So I had to leave at 10am to "the big city" to run some errands for Sascha, bought a new book (man am I proud of that one, first one since Christmas) and was home by 1. Then directly to the kitchen exhibitor whatever, where we were till 7.
OMG, there're way to many options to chose from. It's mad. But I think I've found one design that I really like ...

(45 min later after a phone conversation with my parents about various new problems *headdesk*)

... with burgundy red fronts and birch for the countertop and corpora. We'll see how it turns out.

And now we have to buy and lay out tarp to cover up the carpet ourselves. *Argh*
And the whole plumbing thing turns out to be way more complicated than we thought.

*off to read that new book now*
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I am this close to exploding.

I don't normally am this easy to anger but today it's just this close to spilling over.

I don't say anything about music if it's a bit louder during the day, nothing at all, but it's something else if the music/bass is so loud, that you can't hear your own music anymore and the glasses in the showcase start vibrating.

Adding to it is that at 5.20 am today we were rudly awakened when said gentleman left for work pounding down the two flights of stairs and slamming close the front door and at 6.30 am his girlfriend's cell vibrated with her alarm to get up for like two minutes and she too pounded down the stairs 20 min later and slammed the door.

I've actually oiled the door right now because I've had it up to here with the whole door slamming because it won't close.

I just want to get out of this apartment and move into the new one.

It's getting ridiculous if you have to listen to them fucking continously on a squeeking bed/couch/whatever whenever they're home, which means you get woken up at 1am at night because they can't keep it in their pants for five minutes or just be quite about it.
The problem is that these kids (no seriously it's come to it, that I have to call 20-year-olds kids) have no idea about what they can do and that they have actually violated several laws by now.
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Hi my name is Julia. I'd label myself as a semi-practicing Goth nowadays (I hate makeup and I'm too lazy to apply the nailpolish).

When I was in school (that means roughly 10 years ago) I was the kid no one saw and who mainly wore boys clothes. My favorite color was blue specifically navy blue. My clothes were always a number or two too big, I loved baggy pants with lots of pockets (which I still do).
I don't know when it changed, when I started to like black better. I think it came with my choice of music.
The only color I would wear was black. My mother would go on and on how I couldn't just wear black, that I should add some color. She still does. I don't care.

Two years ago I added white and red into the mix. You just can't resist those colors.
Last year kakhi joined the variety but I don't have that much in that color. Then there's the green top in a flower print. Don't ask me. I am still not sure why but I bought a pink top last year as well. I love it because it's in this ridiculous western style with lace and stuff. *g*
My mom says that as a kid I loved dresses and skirts. I hate them. Well hated because I own several skirts now. Although they have to be at least knee length otherwise I won't wear them.

So what's the point of this post you ask?
I went shopping today in one of my favorite stores, Esprit. They are ridiculously expensive on occasion. You don't want to know how much money I've spent today (455€), but I wasn't in a store since December last year so I can be forgiven. I bought a dress. In a ridiculous pasley design. And a pair of pants in plain violet (no pic sorry, they apparently don't have it online).

I have gone crazy. But I love it, they look awesome.
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I've just sliced open my left middlefinger with my own fingernails.
It's bleeding!

Holy hell I'm dangerous ;)
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Hey guys,
we're back from Lake Constance.

Do you want to know how a perfectly normal "3 hour for 220km Autobahn drive" turned into a 10 hour horror scenario that left both me AND Sascha with a cold?
Yes? Well then read on.

On to the craziness that are Austrian/Swiss officials )


Feb. 5th, 2009 09:10 pm
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It's 9pm and I'm in bed. Pathetic isn't it? But then I'd rather be in bed than fueling my cold any more by sitting infront of the TV or PC. I'm freezing my ass of literally.
I got the wifi on my itouch to work again, because it apparently doesn't like our router and I have to connect it manually, every time!
I have two of my "happy blue pills" as I like to call them next to me. I'll take them in an hour or so, because I'll be out like a light within 20 minutes after taking them. At least they help. Oh and I have my periode so perfect timing /sarcasm

Meme Day 7

Dec. 21st, 2008 05:59 pm
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So the first thing I did is rate my journal, yeah because ...

... of what made me happy today )

*headdesk* Stupid I know, but whatever.

Meme Day 6

Dec. 20th, 2008 09:50 pm
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Tea!! No really.

I'm so happy my dad has a water boiler and lots of different sorts of tea at his office. My stomach loves tea right now.
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I'm bored, bored, bored.

I'm sitting in my dad's office since like 4pm and am 'helping' Sascha install and setup the two new PC's.

We ordered pizza and I'm not feeling so good. I've spend way too much time on the toilette and my stomach feels queasy.

I'm just glad I have my laptop with me, so I'm sittting in a corner and read some fics, but no more!!!! *argh* I might need to reread some, just so that I'm occupied.

Me can go home noa????????????

Meme time

Dec. 15th, 2008 10:08 am
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So [livejournal.com profile] lexzilla tagged me. I avoided doing it yesterday, so I'll start today.

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same.

Oh and I'm not gonna tag anyone, because half of my flist has already done it, so whoever wants to do it can do so. :)

Although the day has just started for me, I've already got something that made my day today:
The good stuff, the strongest Ibuprofen you can get without going to the doc. Sometimes I hate being a woman.
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I'm in  hell! Literally.

What I thought would be an easy way to give back some of the formatting and editing job to the authors themselves, has turned into more work for me!!!!

Apparently having the articles go through way to many hands before they even reach me is not good. Several have lost their original formatting, which means more work for me, others were formated, but to such an extend that I can't change anything anymore and now have to do the job from the beginning again.

Seriously, working for academics is shit. And the authors are just plain lazy and don't do anything.

And then you have to sound nice and cheerful on the phone or in your emails.

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Seriously, does anyone want to adopt my parents????

It's just not normal anymore how helpless they can be.

*goes crazy*
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It's sad.

Yesterday everything was white, today it's all gray and brown again. And it rains! *ugh*

I hate wet cold. *shudders*

Me can have bed now?
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Today is apparently "everything's a bit strange" day.

First I started to put on my old clothes instead the new ones I'd layed out.
Then I pressed the button for a big cup of coffee, but I only had put in grounds for a small one.

*headdesk* Never change a running system *g*

More later.


Nov. 27th, 2008 11:06 pm
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This is madness. Seriously.

And to think that not two weeks ago my parents were down there, right in one of the hotels.

You have no idea how at the same time relieved and scared I am.
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Seriously, this week is fucked up in so many different ways it's not normal anymore.

Today for example:

First, Sascha forgets his cell at home.
Second, this morning it was freezing cold so I take out the winter coat - which actually was totally unnecessary because not two hours later it starts to get really warm. So I came home totally sweated through.

Then, I need this introductory part from a book (Cleavage Structures by Lipset and Rokkan) and the book's already borrowed by someone else and has already another prebooking on it, so I would get it in like two month. Not good. So I was frantically searching the internet the last three weeks until I find this comment, that the specific part was reprinted in another book. So I look for this book, but only online and find it in Google books. So I was like printscreening and copy&pasting it like crazy, but I was still missing the last 20 pages because of the restrictions with Google.
So while I was looking for a different book today, not at the University library but at the regional library (which is also in Stuttgart), I find the second book. I was like *headdesk* over and over.

Then I was at the Uni library to get one (!) book but actually came out with like 10 or so. *again headdesk* So I had to rearrange my bag and carry half of my things under my arm, because I hadn't enough space.

Then I come home, find an announcement in the mail that the bofrost guys (a food delivery service) come next Wednesday, when I'm not at home, so I call to rearrange the appointment. But instead of telling her that they should come after 4pm I tell her to come after 2pm which is too early, but I only realized it after I'd hung up the phone. So I need to come home an hour earlier next week, which isn't so bad but yeah...

Then I go down in the basement and walk into a puddle of water *argh* It's only in a small part of the main area and then in our part of the cellar. First I thought it was a burst pipe or something like it, but now I think that the refrigerator we have down there (turned off because it's broken and we're too lazy to dispose of it) lost all of it's cooling fluid. Which means Sascha and I need to somehow get the basement dry this evening (He's going to lynch me).

Can it be weekend now, please??
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So, according to the interactive map of the LA Times Missouri has 100% reported, but is still not called on who won.
Well it's pretty clear with a difference of roughly only 6.000 votes.

Sascha will have a nice day *g* as his aunt lives in St.Louis. He's threatening her over the last few weeks with not visiting her anymore if she voted for McCain (not meant seriously, but then).
Now we'll see how it turns out.


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