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Another quite good vid of the three days at Mahlwinkel.

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This is the first vid on youtube of Mahlwinkel Mai 2008.

Have fun.

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.. and I'm actually making love to my computer. *g* No it's not that bad, it actually was nice to have 4 days without anything overly technical.

But I found out yet again, that I hate camping like hell. A major part was the weather. It got really cold during the nights and during the day it felt like 30°C.

I didn't really play that much, only on the first day, the second I got hit in my right upper thigh several times on the same spot from like 50 cm away. THAT HURT! But the guy who did it got painted really good *g*

After that I didn't want to play anymore. Adding to the fact, that during the night I twisted my ankle while going down the steps from the container with the toilets and such. It's still swollen, but I don't think that I tore any ligaments, just sprained it.

Although I did shower there (two showers for the women - with roughly 50 women on the site - there were actually 1200 people on the ground the first day) it was good to wash my hair this morning and have a really long hot shower. The water was brown ;)

Yesterday we decided to drive home the same day and not stay till this morning. I hadn't slept at all during the four days, well not really. First it was loud to no end, there where guys who partied till 4am and we where right next to it (Thank you Rainer, I'm sure to keep that in mind and get revenge). Second the cold, I was freezing and shivering the whole night. Did I say, that I hate camping?

So now it is time to unload the car, get it washed (it is covered in ashes from the camp fires) and then get it back to my Dad and get my own car back.
We still need to go to the grocery store, we're out of everything. I need to do some laundry and work needs to be finished for tomorrow.
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*dies* *slowly*

I'm awake since seven this morning.
Did one round of laundry (first half).
Went to work at 8.
Worked right through till 6pm.
Caught the train and was home at 7.
Did a new round of laundry.
Went shopping (with Sascha who had turned up at half past 7 (he wanted to be home by 5 *g*)
Exchanged my Honda for my fathers SUV.
Packed, hung up the laundry.
Packed some more.
Had a screaming match with Sascha.

Didn't finish the work I wanted.
Had no time to learn for my seminar tomorrow.

Now we're packing everything in the car.

Tomorrow means getting up at 7 again.
Going into work at 8.
Working till 2pm (and hopefully be finished till then)
Attend the seminar till 3.30.
Try to catch the train at 3.49.
Be home by 4.30.
Pack the rest into the car.
Head out to Mahlwinkel by 7 (hopefully)

*iz dead*
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*g* So yesterday meant spending 6 hours with 5 guys, all of which are a bit crazy (including Sascha).
We spend 2 hours driving to this military shop, wasted 2 hours going through things no one needs.
Who the hell needs MREs when you can have real food? (Obviously they contain Skiddles, so Sascha was in heaven)
Who the hell needs a Petromax, when Rainer already has one? But no, now Sascha owns one as well.

Yeah so, now I'm equiped for the Big Game in May (Paintball) with BDUs. *bfg*
Mahlwinkel is (apparently) Europe's biggest woodland Big Game and it's war *g*

ETA: Ups, I maybe should do a cut here. Two vids )

I haven't played in like 3 years, but it's not the first woodland game I've done. I like it so much more than speedball games which royally suck.
The fun thing about Mahlwinkel is, that it's NOT subjected to German rules, so camo and all that is allowed.

I'm already nursing my wounds, those that I know I'll definitely going to have.


May apparently seems to be the month that sucks.
First May 2nd to May 4th: London, Steve Carlson. Sascha probably can't come with me and I'm so frustrated because he starts school on April 4th (Friday evenings and Saturdays, but not during holidays). He has some leniency and I just hope he can be excused for this weekend.

Then second May 6th: My oral exams. *not thinking about it right now*

Then May 10th to May12th: Mahlwinkel. It's the beginning of the German Pentecost/Whitsun holidays (two weeks of no school for the kids - one week for Uni students). But we're not sure if this first weekend (9/10th May) is already holiday for Sascha or not.

Whatever, I'm just not thinking about all this shit right now. I'm enjoying easter break, which means tomorrow is free. *g*


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