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Uhm, hi.

Sascha = crazy!
Me = evil enabler.

The Rascal Flatts are in St. Louis on June 6th.
Sascha wants to go. Me too.
Possible flight = June 2nd.
Me = coming home from Birmingham June 1st *bfg*

Problem = No more tickets available online.



Oh and the thing with going to Australia this year. Might involve a longer stop over on the way home in Singapore because of this. Paid vacation, nice.


We're on summer time now. It's crazy what one little hour can do to you. I feel like I have traveled round half the world.
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Hey guys,
we're back from Lake Constance.

Do you want to know how a perfectly normal "3 hour for 220km Autobahn drive" turned into a 10 hour horror scenario that left both me AND Sascha with a cold?
Yes? Well then read on.

On to the craziness that are Austrian/Swiss officials )
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RIP Brownie

One of my three gerbils died today. We were on our way back from Bavaria (like 45 min from home) when my Dad called and said that the woman who was looking after the gerbils had called and that one of them was probably dying.
So we drove home as fast as we could, alas the snow and freezing temperatures made it harder than we would have liked. We arrived just in time to literally see him take his last breath. The black one on the other hand has enjoyed our personal care very much and is very much alive. Although he still looks a bit thin.
We will bury Brownie tomorrow in my Grandma's backyard.

Silverster was crazy. Sascha's big fireworks show nearly couldn't start because of sudden snowfall an hour before midnight. So we had to rescue it and cover it with blankets. All went well and it was awesome.

More to come from me when home has been rewarmed and we've unpacked everything tomorrow.

Meme Day 7

Dec. 21st, 2008 05:59 pm
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So the first thing I did is rate my journal, yeah because ...

... of what made me happy today )

*headdesk* Stupid I know, but whatever.
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I'm bored, bored, bored.

I'm sitting in my dad's office since like 4pm and am 'helping' Sascha install and setup the two new PC's.

We ordered pizza and I'm not feeling so good. I've spend way too much time on the toilette and my stomach feels queasy.

I'm just glad I have my laptop with me, so I'm sittting in a corner and read some fics, but no more!!!! *argh* I might need to reread some, just so that I'm occupied.

Me can go home noa????????????

Meme Day 4

Dec. 18th, 2008 08:35 pm
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Ok, so I suck.
This morning I was all for posting, because something made my day, but now ... I can't remember!! How sad is that? I need a new brain, seriously.

But no worries:

What made my day today was Sascha coming home nearly 2 hours earlier than normal and we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant (the first time we went out together in a long time - like 2 month?).
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I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know the one thing I want, and he's blockin git all the way. "He needs to learn is Spanish vocab."

I should just fuckin ggo without him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: Ok, so apparently the Painball Eurobiggame is at the same time as Asylum. So it seems that I'll be going alone.
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Seriously, this week is fucked up in so many different ways it's not normal anymore.

Today for example:

First, Sascha forgets his cell at home.
Second, this morning it was freezing cold so I take out the winter coat - which actually was totally unnecessary because not two hours later it starts to get really warm. So I came home totally sweated through.

Then, I need this introductory part from a book (Cleavage Structures by Lipset and Rokkan) and the book's already borrowed by someone else and has already another prebooking on it, so I would get it in like two month. Not good. So I was frantically searching the internet the last three weeks until I find this comment, that the specific part was reprinted in another book. So I look for this book, but only online and find it in Google books. So I was like printscreening and copy&pasting it like crazy, but I was still missing the last 20 pages because of the restrictions with Google.
So while I was looking for a different book today, not at the University library but at the regional library (which is also in Stuttgart), I find the second book. I was like *headdesk* over and over.

Then I was at the Uni library to get one (!) book but actually came out with like 10 or so. *again headdesk* So I had to rearrange my bag and carry half of my things under my arm, because I hadn't enough space.

Then I come home, find an announcement in the mail that the bofrost guys (a food delivery service) come next Wednesday, when I'm not at home, so I call to rearrange the appointment. But instead of telling her that they should come after 4pm I tell her to come after 2pm which is too early, but I only realized it after I'd hung up the phone. So I need to come home an hour earlier next week, which isn't so bad but yeah...

Then I go down in the basement and walk into a puddle of water *argh* It's only in a small part of the main area and then in our part of the cellar. First I thought it was a burst pipe or something like it, but now I think that the refrigerator we have down there (turned off because it's broken and we're too lazy to dispose of it) lost all of it's cooling fluid. Which means Sascha and I need to somehow get the basement dry this evening (He's going to lynch me).

Can it be weekend now, please??
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So, according to the interactive map of the LA Times Missouri has 100% reported, but is still not called on who won.
Well it's pretty clear with a difference of roughly only 6.000 votes.

Sascha will have a nice day *g* as his aunt lives in St.Louis. He's threatening her over the last few weeks with not visiting her anymore if she voted for McCain (not meant seriously, but then).
Now we'll see how it turns out.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 08:30 pm
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*tries to open her eyes*

I'm constantly tired these days and I don't know why.

might be tl;dr  )

I'm starting to ramble.

*off to take some aspirin*
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I've realized I haven't posted about what's going on in my little part of the world lately. So I'm hereby catching up.


I've added some really cool new icons so my collection. Somehow I have no idea if I ever will use them all, but they make me happy so *g*
(Thank you [livejournal.com profile] siubhlach by the way for allowing me to steal those two awesome Jensen icons)


Friday was spent shopping in Stuttgart. As always I didn't find anything for me at all.
Sascha on the other hand decided he needed a new (more precisely another) laptop/computer. So now he's the proud owner of an EeePC *headdesk*

We had also decided to go watch the new Indy on Saturday with my parents so we tried - without success - to call the cinema to reserve tickets. In the end I hijacked the ipod touch on display at the local electronics market (where Sascha was testing the EeePC before buying it) that had a wifi connection and ordered the tickes online :)

In the evening we had a get together at Sascha's father. Who, idiot that he sometimes is, had failed to call his son last week to inform him that he was at the hospital with pneumonia and pleurisy, because he was outside in the rain and everything without the right attire. *headdesk*


Yesterday was grand cleaning of the apartment day. I took apart the bathroom and realized that we have a mildew infested wall right behind the two cabinets we've set up. *argh* So now I have to get rid of it which is easier said than done.
Then we realized that our washbasin, which is as old as the whole house itself (ca. 1970's), leaks and we're having a little swimming pool in the bathroom. So now Sascha needs to call our landlady tomorrow and ask what we should do about that.
I HATE housework. I did like a ton of laundry yesterday.

So in the evening we, meaning me, Sascha and my parents, went to our local Chinese restaurant that has a great buffet and afterwards watched Indiana Jones.
Indy info, nothing much but to be on the safe side )


Today I did set out to finish the last parts of the editing of the articles for Kerstin, when I realized that I haven't copied the doc files onto my flash drive - I thought I had done it.


Apr. 24th, 2008 07:57 pm
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I don't write!  That's what I always say, because I can't, I just can't. I once could when I was a child. I would write story after story, but then one day ... nothing. I have no idea what happend or exactely when, but everything was just gone. Since then the only thing I can do to awake my stories again is daydreaming, often to the extend that I forget reality even though I'm about to cross a street or sit in one of my lectures.

I had one time where I could write again, nothing much, it ended in five poems, well for me they are. I have no idea what literary critiques would label it (although I am one too, but I never went with the masses).
That was in January and April 2003.
Whereas the one I wrote in January of 2003 was about my first big love (one sided and quite strange) and how we met the others where about the aftermath.

And then there is "Longings", which I wrote after a disastrous clash with my mother (although it can be see as much more).

And this is how I'm feeling today.

It's in German so ... )

Sascha once told me that after meeting me for the first time, he had looked over my homepage (the one I had a that time) and actually analyzed and interpreted the poems. I never saw what he wrote and I don't think I want to know.

What google translated and I adjusted )
The German is still better.

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OMG (beware German ahead)

einblubbern und das 'schwenglishe' Äquivalent to blubber it in - Beschreibt den Vorgang des Einwickelns in Bläschenfolie.

Manchmal glaube ich Sascha will mich umbringen. Ich hab keine Ahnung wie der Mann auf solche Wörter kommt, aber scheinbar sind die im Geschäft alle so. *headdesk*
Sascha ist ein Genie in Sachen neue Wörter erfinden.

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*does happy dance*

Take this damned parents-in-law, your son's not an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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tl;dr entry - skip whatever you want.

It's funny what one little hour can do to a human body.
I'm tired, exhausted - in general totally wasted - without doing anything.
This morning I hardly got out of bed, managed to nearly fall asleep infront of the 'puter and thus went to the library later than I wanted to, being 11am when I caught the train.

I don't understand why we still need this stupid practice of changing the hour twice every year. It's not that it actually saves any energy in any way. It only leaves the body and mind totally out of sync and with a jet-lag without having flown. And don't tell me it doesn't cost money, money people and companies could use in other ways. But what do I know about it, I'm just a stupid student.


This strange occurence called weather is another thing that annoys me to no end.
Beginning of last week we had near 0°C and snow, the last two days (especially Sunday) 23°C and today back to roughly 12°C.

Dear weather,

April starts tomorrow, just so that you know.



I HATE my eating habits and my studying habits.

Eating has turned into this annoying thing that I don't have time for.
But actually I have the time!! I have enough time to make some real things but I don't do it.
It even is too much of a hardship to even get a bowl, cereal and milk out and eat something. The only thing I manage to make is a coffee.

It's not that I don't like cooking, I like it, it's just my mind's not up for it.

The same goes for studying. I should read, read all this stuff for May 6th (see my sticky post) but I can't.
I just can't and no one understands.

Sascha is this tactless idiot the last few weeks who has no idea how I feel.
He just makes fun - sometimes of me (and people like me) and sometimes just some real stupid stuff and thinks that'll help me. Ok so the stupid stuff gets me to laugh and it feels good, really good. But the other thing just leaves me frustrated.

But I love him, so dearly it's crazy.


On another note, had a bbq yesterday for the first time this year. Come on 23°C, who wouldn't take advantage of that.


Sascha starts evening school alongside his job on Friday to finally get his high school diploma/GED equivalent (I like this phrase: certificate of eligibility for training at an institution of higher learning *g* - allgemeine Hochschulreife for the German speakers).
Don't make me explain, University simply doesn't accept the diploma he got while in job training *argh*

So now our trip to London might be in jeopardy, meaning I might have to go alone. We'll see. May 1st is a holiday here in Germany, and the school in general is closed on the 2nd, but we're not sure it applies to evening school. *crosses fingers*

TMI - don't read if you can't stand some strange thing about sex!!!!!! )


So now I'm off to friend [livejournal.com profile] rei_c, I've wanted to do that for a long time now, but never found the courage to actually do it. *headdesk*
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I hate onesides converations.

Sascha's on the phone (icq) with a friend of ours Rainer and it's just so frustrating to only hear his side of the conversation. Oh well, that's the fate of the dutiful wife *juck*
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Ok so I can't keep it in any longer and I need some kind of proof if it's true or totally ridiculous.

Sascha's aunt lives in St.Louis. More often than not she's the babysitter for her three great-grand kids so whenever Sascha talks to her somewhen during the call the subject falls on the kids.

So last month Sascha tells me that all the kids where ill, the girl even had a light pneumonia.
Apparently the doctor didn't give the kids any meds. This first time around the conversation sounded like the doc was some kind of new age/hippy kinda doc, who thought the kids don't need meds, they'll get better all by themselves.
That had me a tad worried, especially because the father is a nurse so he should at least know something on the whole topic.
I didn't say anything, it's not my place to but I kept it in the back of my mind just to be on the safe side.

So, Monday Sascha called again and now the topic sounded totally different.

Is it right, that the FDA (?) took all kids medicine of the market because they realized that the meds are not really designed for kids?? (Or any version of that??)

Because Sascha's aunt more or less begged us to buy meds the next time they needed some for the kids and mail it to her.
And that sounds so off I can't really believe it. Because I know that over here in Germany we have meds especially designed (and tested) for kids. And I thought that that would be the same for the U.S.

So please tell me I have it all wrong and it's totallly ridiculous, please.
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... to be able to eat cheese *g*

Sascha doesn't like cheese at all (except on pizza). So every time I eat cheese he runs.

:D I love goatcheese and am enjoying it right now. Sascha is ... not even near my right now *roflol* He ran screaming when I pulled it out of the fridge.
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Ok, so I thought this time it could pass without the pain, especially as I already was in pain last week, when it hadn't even started.

But no, it has to hit full force again. So back to being on Ibuprofen 400mg.

Actually it's embarrassing. All I talk about lately is pain and meds.

But it's what most of my days consist of right now.

I probably will be on Ibuprofen for the rest of the week, because I need to finish that last paper on Gothic till the weekend. And I can't work while in pain.


On another note: German schoool and university systems suck!! Royally!!

I was on the receiving end of it once or twice, now it's Sascha. First he wanted to study Optoelectronics (which would have worked out ok), but he got to think about it and now wants to do Electronics (you can do more with that then the other). The problem is this is another type of University, so they don't accept his high school diploma, which means he has to go back to school for two years (in the evening and so). The fun part is, if he would live in Bavaria for half a year, they would accept his diploma.

*head desk* I don't even want to know the details.
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... spent too much time in fandom and doing your studies for English Lit when you read the newspaper and automatically, without one thought about it, read the headlines or the beginning of the article in perfect English although it's in German.

I need holidays.

On another note: Sascha had to do another round in the salt mine in Berchtesgaden. He left Monday morning and normaly they would have been finished by this evening. Apparently they pulled an all-nighter and worked the whole day yesterday. He came home this morning at 1.30 am not having slept since two days. And went to work again half an hour ago. One days he's going to have a break down because he works too much. But I hope come April that he will enrole at the FH Aalen to study optoelectronics.


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