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Uhm, hi.

Sascha = crazy!
Me = evil enabler.

The Rascal Flatts are in St. Louis on June 6th.
Sascha wants to go. Me too.
Possible flight = June 2nd.
Me = coming home from Birmingham June 1st *bfg*

Problem = No more tickets available online.



Oh and the thing with going to Australia this year. Might involve a longer stop over on the way home in Singapore because of this. Paid vacation, nice.


We're on summer time now. It's crazy what one little hour can do to you. I feel like I have traveled round half the world.
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Ok so I can't keep it in any longer and I need some kind of proof if it's true or totally ridiculous.

Sascha's aunt lives in St.Louis. More often than not she's the babysitter for her three great-grand kids so whenever Sascha talks to her somewhen during the call the subject falls on the kids.

So last month Sascha tells me that all the kids where ill, the girl even had a light pneumonia.
Apparently the doctor didn't give the kids any meds. This first time around the conversation sounded like the doc was some kind of new age/hippy kinda doc, who thought the kids don't need meds, they'll get better all by themselves.
That had me a tad worried, especially because the father is a nurse so he should at least know something on the whole topic.
I didn't say anything, it's not my place to but I kept it in the back of my mind just to be on the safe side.

So, Monday Sascha called again and now the topic sounded totally different.

Is it right, that the FDA (?) took all kids medicine of the market because they realized that the meds are not really designed for kids?? (Or any version of that??)

Because Sascha's aunt more or less begged us to buy meds the next time they needed some for the kids and mail it to her.
And that sounds so off I can't really believe it. Because I know that over here in Germany we have meds especially designed (and tested) for kids. And I thought that that would be the same for the U.S.

So please tell me I have it all wrong and it's totallly ridiculous, please.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 01:30 am
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Uuh nice, or better not so nice.

Looks like St. Charles is on Tornado-watch, only one county over from Tornado-warning.

So, last day on U.S. ground and it's getting rough. I've never experienced anything near it, so I have no idea what to expect and frankly I don't want to.
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I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna stay here. *snif*
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I can't stop to think I'm crazy.

I've never needed so much time and organization to pack mine and Sascha's suitcases.

We can only have 50 pounds (23 kg) per case and we've bought so much clothes and DVD's, that we need a third bag and we're still not sure if it's enough.

The other problem we're propably gonna get is the changeing of planes in Charlotte Airport. We only have 45 min *g*

We'll see.
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Today was Botanical Garden / Casino Day.

The Missouri Botanical Garden is just WOW. I loved the Japanese Garden, it is just perfect. Hell, the whole park is amazing. I'll see if I can liberate Sascha of some of the pics he made.

Second experience today was my first ever trip to a casino. I've never played and I don't think that I will ever play, but it was a good experience.
Bet 7 $ and won 15$. Not bad for a first time, or?

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... stop signs.

1. The finer point of American electricity
Just one word: Chaos.
Sascha nearly lost his mind yesterday while installing a lighting system for his aunt in her living room.
The first problem: The ceiling wouldn't support the cable system, so he had to use a different kind of screws.
Second problem: Getting the right kind of wiring.

Let's just say, that a German trained electrician (3 years of school with diploma) is of no use whatsoever. In Germany we have standards and rules for everything, here in American everyone does it the way s/he thinks it's right, so the old wiring in the condo couldn't really accomodate for the new lights. In the end Sascha had to cut an unused lightswitch so that he had enough power.

It works, that is all that counts, right?

2. Musings on American traffic
Just one word: Chaos.
I am so happy to NOT drive.
The only good thing about American cars is the automatic transmission. I'm used to gear shifting, but in Germany you don't have tolook out for your car that much while driving so you can concentrate on shifting, but here? A big no to gear shift.

And then the other drivers.
People don't you look out for other cars on the street?????????????????
Hello!! I had like four heart attacks today because of drivers who had no idea of what chaos they produced by changing lanes without looking out for others or not even slowing down when another car wants to filter into the flow of traffic (are those the right  words?).
The problem is, that all of this takes place at about 50 to 60 mph, that's 80 to 100 km/h which is nothing for us Germans. Our normal speed on Interstates/Highways is 120 to 140 km/h and we only have 1 to 2 lanes, sometimes 3.
I think I better stop before I catch an aneurism.

Just don't be offended ok. I know if you would be over in Germany you would have enough to tell, too.

3. Who the heck needs stop signs
Ok, so I think this is just something I'm not accustomed to.
When I see a stop sign in Germany it means I have to stop and look if someone is on the street that crosses mine, is not then I can drive on, if yes then I have to stop and wait. (It only works one way!)
Here it goes like this: You come to a crossroad with a four way stop sign. The first to arrive drives first, then the second, then the third and so on. It doesn't matter where you are on the crossroad it goes after who arrives when.
For this we have the simple rule of "lift before right" in Germany, so no need for stop signs every ten meters or so ;)

Well, sorry to have bothered you so much, but I just had to say it.

Oh, by the way one thing I will miss: The restaurants. Outback, Cracker Barrel, Fratelli's, Pizza Hut (although we have that in Germany, but it's not that good)Denny's and what not.

Today was St. Louis Science Center Day, the Omnimax movie was really good: Mysteries of Egypt.
Tomorrow well have a look at the Botanical Garden and then well have fun in the Casino. I hope I don't loss that much money.
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The titel says it all.
Found Dexter
Next Monday: Heroes, CSI Miami
Next Tuesday: House MD

And more I think, Havn't had the time to look through TV Guide till now.

Today we went to St.Louis zoo, and I have to ask myself, why are they advertising themselves as the best zoo in the world??? Actually the zoo in Stuttgart, Germany (where I live) has more animals. Well, but no train ride or carusell. *shrug*
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It's like there's a spell on this vacation.

Yesterday Sascha's aunt noticed a rather big scratch in our rental car, that we hadn't seen when we've picked it up.
So I had to call Alamo's Road Side Assistance and had to wait for like 30 minutes to get someone to talk to. In the end all he did was notice where the scratch is and gave me a number. *headshake*

Today was even worse.
We were standing at the cash point at Sam's Club and I wanted to pay my S2 SPN DVD's (yes plural *g* I have a long list of orders) with my VISA credit card and they didn't take it. So Eve had to pay for me.
But wait it gets better.
Because Sam's only had the S2 DVD's we went to Best Buy. So I got my two S2 DVD's and one Heros S1 and againt i want to pay with VISA, but the cash register didn't like my card so the poor thing behind the counter had to call VISA and ask for what to do. In the end he did it the old way. That was so embarassing I can tell you.

What else to tell? Nothing much, the great-grandchildren of Eve were here and Steven, the oldest, is hugh fan of StarWars like I am, but man that boy (he's 8) knew his way around. Thest thing his father is a great fan too and he just gave me two books of the Legacy of the Force that I hadn't read yet. *is happy camper*

That was it for now from St. Louis for now, more to come.
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That was everything I had to say till yesterday.
It was pure hell getting into the States through Philadelphia. I'ev never been controlled more often then two days ago. We had to more or less remove half of our clothes, our passport and boarding tickets were controlled like every 15 meters. The easiest thing was immigration which I had thought would be the longest. Way to go.

So next thing: Flight from Phili to St. Louis was likke an hour late, but we managed to arrive on time: Strange??
Then one bag was missing , ucky for me that of my boyfriend ;) (I know I'm evil), but it arrived the next morning so no problem at all. But: The bag had been searched *g* I think he had too many Tempo - tissues in his suitcase.

Whatever. I'm like a little girl. Was walking through the supermarket yesterday and stopped infront of the cerials shelf and: Lucky charms *g*
(I'm such a SPN whore)
Let's see how it ends I'm still in search of the DVDsets (oh I've found them alright, but 60 $ is just too much so, waiting for the next Best Buy or whatever)

So yesterday was: relax. A walk through the mall and something to eat, and then actually bed.

Jetlag is terrible, I havn't had it that bad for some time now (May with New York was nothing).

More to come I hope from me.
Now I'll have a quick look on my flist and then no idea what Sascha has planned.


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