Mar. 28th, 2008 11:22 am
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So, got tagged by [ profile] lexzilla.

List fifteen fictional characters that you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.

I thought this would be fun and I started listing: Jensen, Jared, Jeff, ... until I found this little word 'ficitonal' *argh*. So I had to rethink my choices.

Ok so it took me more than two days to do this, what does that say about me?? And what do my choices tell? I need serious councelling!

  1. Dean Winchester

  2. Sam Winchester

  3. Alec (form Dark Angel)

  4. Jack O'Neill

  5. John Sheppard 

  6. Justice Talion Nolan (so fucked up but I love him, character by M.Stackpole)

  7. James Fraser (again I'm a book whore, character by D. Gabaldon)

  8. Jason Borne (not the book, but the movie one ;))

    So now it get's really disturbing

  9. Han Solo (see I told you!)

  10. Corran Horn

  11. Wedge Antilles

  12. Luke Skywalker (who woudn't *g*)

  13. John Winchester (oh shut up, I couldn't resist. And I have this crazy daddy!kink)

  14. Ronon Dex 

  15. Otori Takeo (character by L. Hearn)

Yeah, my choices tell a lot about me and my fandoms. *g*

Oh and I won't tag anyone. If you want to do it, feel free.
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Today is a totally fucked up day, seriously.
I am this close to just giving up and ending it all.

But then again I don't have the nerve to do that, man I wouldn't want to miss all those awesome fics out there.

So today started with me getting up earlier than normal meaning 7.30am, so I could catch the train at 8.30am and head to the library to finish up that stupid Gothic paper.
Everything ok, I sit at the computer in the library and find out that I've just just wasted an hour by simply forgetting my flashdrive with all my work on it.
Fuck the day to hell, I went to collect my second to last certificate and went home, which meant I was home by 11am.
I went straight to work and actually was finished writing by 3.30pm, yay!!
So I went in to University again at 4, arrived at 5pm, printed the paper, created a pdf and sent it to the professor and then walked over to the English lit institute to hand in the printed version.

So who did I ran across? Yep you're right the professor. So I tell him my problem (that he needs to have a look at the paper till Friday, because I need the certificate to sign up for the exams next week).
And he just looks at me and asks me if I believe that he would give me that much time to revise a paper (3 month isn't that long, technically I do have a whole year according to the regulations, but I didn't tell him that).
And I was like "Uhh, hello? You didn't give a timeframe at all!" *argh* I could have killed him right there.
So he was like "Oh you did send me an email, ok then. Are you in on Thursday?"
Me "Ahm, no, but I can be?"
Him "Ok, so be here Thursday around 1pm and I'll see what I can do"

*ARGH* *KILL,KILL* Why do University professors have to be so stupid??

Ah well, then I realised that I havn't payed for my student fees (they where due mid February), so I went online and did some online banking *g*

Then when I came home at 7 it had snowed in a rough 10 to 15 mile radius around my hometown. But it wasn't the nice kinda snow it was more water than anything, like sludge.
Walking the 10 minutes from the train station to my apartment meant I had a swimming pool in my shoes.

And now I should actually go through those spark notes on O'Neill, Williams, Shepard and Wilder, but I don't want to.

*Is off to watch Stargate - the Ark of Truth*
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What the bloddy hell took you so long to get him back????


Jan. 6th, 2008 12:48 pm
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I am so out of it. Apparently the break over Christmas and New Year wasn't that good for me. I keep forgetting things, like the new ep of Stargate Atlantis.

I really need to get myself sorted. I still have to papers to write and read about 8 dramas for my finals in American Lit in March and the texts for my Old English finals too. *ARGH*
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No seriously I'm not looking. That season does not exist. Why do they even have it on reruns? And then dubbed.

But Janet *napoleon*  *is torn*
And Jack *melts*

Jonas *iiiieeeee* *yuck*

There has to be something other on TV than this.

(And I'm still wondering how I came to love this show in the first place - dubbed versions are just horrible *shudders*)

fic rec

Apr. 3rd, 2007 01:30 pm
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Just a short entry with fic recommendations.

SGA/McShep fics, for SG-1 my favorite author is [ profile] riverfox. You'll find a link to her fics on the left with the other links (Joys SG FF).

I found this story through several LJs. No idea how I ended up there, but it's just wow.
.:| Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose |:.
It's a FutureFic with two small hints of McShep, but nothing really in regard to slash. And you have to cope with the fact that Sheppard is dead. Rodney is back on earth after Atlantis is abandoned and starts teaching at a backwater University.
Sounds strange, but read it!!! Really it is just great.

This Series I found while going through the Wraithbait archive.
.:| The Goon's and Geek's Guides to ... |:.
McShep but PG-13, so no mature content, but really funny and the interaction between the SGA characters is just great. Written in multiple povs.

.:| Finding Home |:.
McShep, AU, SlaveFic.
Be careful, if you don't like the concept of SlaveFics, then don't read it. It's a WIP and normally I don't like them, but this story is just too good to be left out.
Sheppard is a slave because of his actions in Afghanistan and he ends up as property of Rodney because of the ATA (Rodney's not to happy about owning him, but comes to love him)

More to come, I hope.
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In 2002 a project was started but never really grew out of its childhood's shoes so to say - the SGU. At this time I was an active S/J shipper. Today I can't understand why, so don't ask me. S/J was everything, WoO was my friend *g*.
University started to suffer, because I spend days reading fics and studying became a minor point.
If you ask me today I can't even remember fics I read back then. I still have some on my hard drive, but mostly because I'm to lazy to delete them.

During this time I wrote a short essay on pairings in SG-1 fandom for the SGU.
Its under the cut if you want to read it. With todays standards it's not good at all. Style is shit and I don't want to refer to grammar. Hell it's five years old when my major still was technical biology.

Who is with whom and why - a study on pairings in the SG-Fandom )

And somewhere in between there I switched to slash. And slash is still my favorite genre for SG1 and SGA.
I started with J/D and read everything I could get my fingers on.
Right now I'm a little lost on what to tell next. Sometimes my brain is really lousy on this to remember.
In 2003 I changed my major to Political Science and Comparative Literature (German, English and Italian which sucked so I concenrated on English studies in 2005)

The hype with television slowed down and University finally became the major point again.

When SGA was aired in Germany I watched some episodes of season one but didn't like it very much.
Last year I stumbled over LJ (again I have to say, I somehow forgot that I had already created an account). With that came the possibility to view the episodes in English, not the dubed shit we get over here in Germany. And I started to watch SGA and found that I liked S2 much better.

Winter 2006 saw me at a big problem. I sometimes have periodes of time where I have to work really hard to get myself to do something/anything. It's really hard work to just get up and do the laundry or cleaning the bathroom, go shopping.
I read, read, read. And if I have nothing more, I start all over again.
I kicked my Japanese class and two lectures/seminars because I couldn't do the work required. It's hard and I try to fight it. My other half doesn't really understand it, he helps, no question on that, but if I can't explain what's going on in my head how can I explain to him what's happening.

I nearly failed my mid term in Advanced Morphology and that brought me back on line.
Second week of February saw me with four exams in one week. One oral exam in history on Wilhelm II (emperor of "Germany" and king of Preusia from 1888 to WWI). Passed it with a C (happy on that one, I just needed the lecture, mark's not crucial)
Two intermediate exams in English (It's a German special, you have to do a general exam after two years/four semesters to continue your studies - I'm doing a kind of soft science diploma called Magister Atrium, something in between BA and MA), one translation German-English and one linguistics. Passed it with a B-.
Last one a short exam in Political Science in empirical studies in international relations.

March found me with too much free time and no SG1 or SGA to watch so I started a SGA fic marathon. First I went through all the stories on Area52 specially those with a lot of kink/bdsm/ds in it. I love reading those but more so p0rn, yes slash p0rn. I like it what's more to say.
SG1 has moved into the background a bit, but I still like it. Right now SGA is more prominent.

Then I read through Wraithbait's archive and now I think I need to come down to earth again because summer semester starts in two weeks and I need to read a lot in advance.

Chaucer's Tales of Canterbury (General Prolouge and Merchant's Tale) for my Middle English class, several 'Gothic' novels including Shelly's Frankenstein for my class on Gothic an Neo-Gothic Theory.

I know I will get a lot to read in my Short Stories and Short Stories Theory class and the one about pronunciation of non-native speakers. And I have to do a lot of search and calculations for my research paper on IR.

So that were little bits and pieces from me in SG fandom and my life at University.


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