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You know it's kinda for naught if your Professor tells you to focus on your Master's thesis, but then sends over his article for his new book and tells you to not only proofread it, but also to complete the list of references AND convert most of the figures into tables.
And then you open the doc and realize, that it isn't even in the template for the publisher, which you have to do as well. In addition this mean you have to convert all the other tables to the format of the template too.


And I getting a cold!! *argh*

ETA: And I'm going to kill him. He said "the few references"! It like 3/4 of his references that need completion!! *bitches*
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I'm in  hell! Literally.

What I thought would be an easy way to give back some of the formatting and editing job to the authors themselves, has turned into more work for me!!!!

Apparently having the articles go through way to many hands before they even reach me is not good. Several have lost their original formatting, which means more work for me, others were formated, but to such an extend that I can't change anything anymore and now have to do the job from the beginning again.

Seriously, working for academics is shit. And the authors are just plain lazy and don't do anything.

And then you have to sound nice and cheerful on the phone or in your emails.

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No really. It is.

I love my job, no questions asked.
But if you've worked for years with someone who is as anal about certain things as you are, it's even harder to do your job correct when the new boss' brain has as many holes as a Swiss cheese when it comes to organization.

He's a great professor, I love his lectures, his seminars, but working for him - not good.
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I just had this amazingly stupid phone conversation with the main editor of the German publishing company VS Publishing, where my prof's new book will be published next year.

He's really hard to reach, phonecalls normally are routed to the answering machine, email only get so far, because "he's really really busy" (direct quote).

So I wrote him an email yesterday, asking him if he could please contact me either by email or call my cell. And he called!
And I was like *headdesk*. I didn't know what I wanted to ask him, although I had it all written down. He was like eerily silent and I talked in like half sentences.

But then he was really nice and asked about my Masters thesis and all. *argh*

And now I'm none the wiser than before, but I think I now know what the therm "the publishing company is formatting" means. I've done this job too long with other publishers where they do shit and you do everything that it's scary.

Ahh well, back to proof-reading/editing.
At least I can look forward to tonight with some awesome [livejournal.com profile] siuhblachbetaing *g*

ETA: *argh* What has Semagic done with my tags list??????
ETA2: Apparently Semagic uploaded the tags list of one of the comms I have posting access to. I should leave my fingers from anything technical today. Would be better.


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