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So apparently my 'puter doesn't like my internet. I've not been able to access my mail or LJ or anything else.
Then it made fun of me by not cooperating with the pics from the roadtrip. *argh*

Now that I have access back it rewards me with things like

- the newest installment of [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter's Someone you might have been/Spy-verse

Damn she knows how to keep her readers on edge. But I have this theory. No seriously. )


- [livejournal.com profile] splashpink's and [livejournal.com profile] titheniel's newest endeavour Orwell.


Then again I found time to finally finish Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series.

Yeah, I had to read them just to be able to see what the whole thing is about and who's right - the people who like it or the ones who dislike it.
And I have to say ... )

I hope no one takes offense with that.


Now I'm off pining for more spy!Jared/Handler!Jensen and Orwellesque fic.
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I managed to screw up my whole day today.
First thing I do is run back inside this morning because I forgot my stupid umbrella and somehow tripped over my own feet resulting in massiv pain in the left foot.
Alas I was late for the train so I had to hurry up. Which meant more pain on the way and after leaving said vehicle.
I somehow got through the day till 3pm when I met my parents. Shopping is awesome - when your foot doesn't hurt.
The train back home had a 30 min delay. *headdesk*
To make matters worse the breadknife decided it liked my thumb better than the bread.

I still haven't managed to write up that report about the roadtrip of doom. Have to do that on the weekend.

And now I need to change this stupid T9 to English because it always suggests German words.

Oh and can I take a skip on this whole life thing? Because it sucks right now.

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*stares at her kitchen*

I want an IHOP - NOW!!

Or some diner that serves Pancakes with Eggs and Hash Browns. Please? Pretty Please???
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*eyes yesterday's newspaper*

Before we flew to the States Sascha and I'd decided to look for a new apartment . Today just encouraged us to do so.
The new guy in the apartment below us (we still don't know if his girlfriend left him or not, because her name is back on the mailbox again) is talking so loud we can hear what he's saying - at 4 in the morning.



In other news, we woke up at 11.30 *g*
The alarm clock was set for 8.30 and no one heard it *g*

Now I'm off to take a shower.
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Me is back.
Me is tired.
Me tries to stay awake even though we've arrived at 5am this morning.
1°C outside => me = not dressed properly.

SLEEP zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


*please await more coherent comment sometime later*
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I hate rain!!

First icerain and snow while we where at Bryce Canyon, now we just made it through Mesa Verde.

Now today left us with rain and thunderstorms all the way from Colorado Springs to Hayes, KS. We had to stop early, because we couldn't really see anything anymore. Otherwise we would have driven on for a few hours at least.

I just hope we make it to St.Louis without any problems tomorrow.

I'm tired. We may have planed a bit too much. We're both at the brink of a cold thanks to the constant change of hot and cold and air condition.

That reminds me, we had this OMG moment today while driving on the Interstate. We came from a really cold area into a nearly 20°F warmer area all our windows fogged up. We were going at 70mph. That was a shock. We had to pull over and first of all had to warm up our car.

Me goes to bed now.
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So, I hope this time the wifi connection likes LJ and let's me post more than one tinny little comment.

So then, the week is nearly over and we've already seen so much.

But let's start at the beginning: I'm never going to fly with Lufthansa ever again. Service was crap from beginning to end. Arriving at Denver was fun, customs crazy, my fingerprints wouldn't work so the guy had to do it like 5 or 6 times for every finger. He was a bit strange and apparently didn't  like it, that I'd been to the US twice last year. But the "relatives" answer supposedly was ok.

Drive to Moab and then the next two days spent at Arches NP, Dead Horse Point SP and Canyonlands NP. View was spectacular. Second day we drove all the way down to Blending and spent the night there. Yesterday we drove to Torrey, UT via Hanksville, did Natural Bridges, Glen Canyon and Capital Reef NP.
Now we're in Panquitch, UT. Tomorrow we'll do Bryce Canyon and then drive down to Kanab.

View and landscape are awesome, Sascha and I've made like 400 pics so far, crazy I know.

I haven't seen SPN or most of my other series so far. TV reception is not that good. I've seen parts of Bones, Fringe and Heroes. But then I'll have the anticipation of three weeks worth of series to watch at home. If I'm lucky I#ll get to see Sanctuary today, because the mote we're in has ScFi.

So off to give Sascha a bit more PC time.
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So guys I'm off to see the wizard.
See you in three weeks!!!!!!!!!!

*hugs flist* I'm gonna miss you.
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How am I gonna survive 3 weeks worth of backlog of my flist????

It's crazy, but I'm slightly scared.
For the first time I'm scared of going to the US. Don't ask me why, I just am.

*runs screaming*


Sep. 22nd, 2008 08:30 pm
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*tries to open her eyes*

I'm constantly tired these days and I don't know why.

might be tl;dr  )

I'm starting to ramble.

*off to take some aspirin*


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