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So, the neighbors are silent. Hopefully it stays that way today.


I got my extention on my thesis yesterday *feels relieved*
It really made me crazy not knowing if it would pull through or not. Because if they wouldn't allow the extention I would have been so screwed.


The kitchen guy is coming this afternoon at 5. After my Mom called the company yesterday. The guy should have done his job measuring the kitchen last week, but he apparently had some familiy matter that day, so he never came. But the company hadn't given us a new appointment, so Mom made a bit of a fuss.

She asked me if I could come by the house a bit early, because she's having problems with her 'puter. I don't really believe it, because she said it in a tone I don't like. A tone that has the undercurrent of "I am pissed at something/you." So I'll see what it's really all about and if it's not something computery I'm seriously going to flip. I hate it when she does things like that. We'll see. She's probably pissed at me, because I went to my Dad on Monday and "complained" to him about the craftsmen not showing up and doing their work. The only reason I did that was because Sascha and I needed to know when we could move: July or September? If we move in July we need to give notice to our landlady by the end of this month, aka Monday next week at the latest. But it looks like that'll be a no go. *sigh*


T-Mobile had a serious malfunction yesterday. Their whole cell phone grid gave out yesterday around 4pm, so customers of T-Moblie Germany were without cell reception until around 9 pm. Sascha was royaly pissed. His cell didn't work at all. Mine worked only half way. I could make calls to most people but no one could call me.


Anything else?
Oh yes, I was back a the animal shelter/"cat house" yesterday morning to help out a bit. They have a sweet little cat in quarantine that was found three weeks ago. Yesterday was her first day out of said quarantine. I wanted to take her home *sniff* but I can't take her in until September (after the vacation and the move). Until then she's probably with someone else already. Damn.
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You know it's kinda for naught if your Professor tells you to focus on your Master's thesis, but then sends over his article for his new book and tells you to not only proofread it, but also to complete the list of references AND convert most of the figures into tables.
And then you open the doc and realize, that it isn't even in the template for the publisher, which you have to do as well. In addition this mean you have to convert all the other tables to the format of the template too.


And I getting a cold!! *argh*

ETA: And I'm going to kill him. He said "the few references"! It like 3/4 of his references that need completion!! *bitches*
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I'm in  hell! Literally.

What I thought would be an easy way to give back some of the formatting and editing job to the authors themselves, has turned into more work for me!!!!

Apparently having the articles go through way to many hands before they even reach me is not good. Several have lost their original formatting, which means more work for me, others were formated, but to such an extend that I can't change anything anymore and now have to do the job from the beginning again.

Seriously, working for academics is shit. And the authors are just plain lazy and don't do anything.

And then you have to sound nice and cheerful on the phone or in your emails.

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No really. It is.

I love my job, no questions asked.
But if you've worked for years with someone who is as anal about certain things as you are, it's even harder to do your job correct when the new boss' brain has as many holes as a Swiss cheese when it comes to organization.

He's a great professor, I love his lectures, his seminars, but working for him - not good.
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I just had this amazingly stupid phone conversation with the main editor of the German publishing company VS Publishing, where my prof's new book will be published next year.

He's really hard to reach, phonecalls normally are routed to the answering machine, email only get so far, because "he's really really busy" (direct quote).

So I wrote him an email yesterday, asking him if he could please contact me either by email or call my cell. And he called!
And I was like *headdesk*. I didn't know what I wanted to ask him, although I had it all written down. He was like eerily silent and I talked in like half sentences.

But then he was really nice and asked about my Masters thesis and all. *argh*

And now I'm none the wiser than before, but I think I now know what the therm "the publishing company is formatting" means. I've done this job too long with other publishers where they do shit and you do everything that it's scary.

Ahh well, back to proof-reading/editing.
At least I can look forward to tonight with some awesome [livejournal.com profile] siuhblachbetaing *g*

ETA: *argh* What has Semagic done with my tags list??????
ETA2: Apparently Semagic uploaded the tags list of one of the comms I have posting access to. I should leave my fingers from anything technical today. Would be better.
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Uhh, I hate to ask, but can anyone help me with two English words?

What's the difference between 'direct mail' and 'direct mailing', respectively is there a difference (other than the grammatical -ing form)?

I have this articel that uses direct mail and direct mailing interchangably, but I think they mean direct mail (when you get advertisment by mail) - the context is election campaigns. My translation program tells me that direct mailing is a service companies offer to their customers (sending out products directly and not through other companies) - is that correct?

I just hate articles who use English words although they're written in German. Why the hell can't they just use the German equivalent? And no, one of the authors being American does not count!
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I just got my last result from my polsci finals.
I wrote a 2.0 YAY!!!

*does happy dance*

I never would have expected it to be this good, it's one of my best marks in polsci. I had no idea that what I've written was enough to get me a 2 and not a 2.7 or 3.3 which I normally seem to get

I'm really happy.
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Seriously, this week is fucked up in so many different ways it's not normal anymore.

Today for example:

First, Sascha forgets his cell at home.
Second, this morning it was freezing cold so I take out the winter coat - which actually was totally unnecessary because not two hours later it starts to get really warm. So I came home totally sweated through.

Then, I need this introductory part from a book (Cleavage Structures by Lipset and Rokkan) and the book's already borrowed by someone else and has already another prebooking on it, so I would get it in like two month. Not good. So I was frantically searching the internet the last three weeks until I find this comment, that the specific part was reprinted in another book. So I look for this book, but only online and find it in Google books. So I was like printscreening and copy&pasting it like crazy, but I was still missing the last 20 pages because of the restrictions with Google.
So while I was looking for a different book today, not at the University library but at the regional library (which is also in Stuttgart), I find the second book. I was like *headdesk* over and over.

Then I was at the Uni library to get one (!) book but actually came out with like 10 or so. *again headdesk* So I had to rearrange my bag and carry half of my things under my arm, because I hadn't enough space.

Then I come home, find an announcement in the mail that the bofrost guys (a food delivery service) come next Wednesday, when I'm not at home, so I call to rearrange the appointment. But instead of telling her that they should come after 4pm I tell her to come after 2pm which is too early, but I only realized it after I'd hung up the phone. So I need to come home an hour earlier next week, which isn't so bad but yeah...

Then I go down in the basement and walk into a puddle of water *argh* It's only in a small part of the main area and then in our part of the cellar. First I thought it was a burst pipe or something like it, but now I think that the refrigerator we have down there (turned off because it's broken and we're too lazy to dispose of it) lost all of it's cooling fluid. Which means Sascha and I need to somehow get the basement dry this evening (He's going to lynch me).

Can it be weekend now, please??
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Why is it, that "old" (aka like 60 or so) and academically important people always try to be better than others by using words that no one understands anymore, and use totally made up words or ones that are grammatically wrong??

And why am I the poor soul that has to research all over the 'net, if the words even exist or are written like that. *argh*

Nice Job

Oct. 29th, 2008 10:46 am
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This is fun.

I was reading the paper this morning, when I stumbled across an article by Frank Brettschneider about the media influence on the American election campaign.
Then I saw the little blurb that said, that Brettschneider teaches at the University of Hohenheim, which is just around the corner from Stuttgart.

Then I started wondering, why the topic sounded so familiar.
Well, I'm editing articles right now for a new publication of my Professor. And the one I'm working on right now is by Brettschneider on said topic. *lol*


ETA: Oh and on that account, I found out that, according to my German party identification, I should be a Republican. *thinks*
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So, the one time I need something from the library - it's closed!!!!

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Ok, so I've promised Kerstin that I would translate an article for her from German into English and now I sit here and try to wrestle this monster of a thing into submission.

The problem is, the German version has long sentences and an even more complicated sentence structure (typical academic occurence).

So now I try to make it as understandable as possible.

What I wanted to ask from you guys on my flist (especially the English speaking ones) is to tell me:
Do you understand what is being said, or is it totally wrong and too complicated???

It's about voter-turnout in Germany and France.

Example one:

Adding to this is that, contrary to the structural change in Western society – according to which an increase of the turnout was to be expected – a growing trend to abstain from voting by the citizens in Western democracies has occurred.

Example two:

Despite the many significantly improved preconditions the non-voter share in Germany and France has been as high as never before since the beginning of the 1990s.
or ... has never been as high as it is since the beginning of the 1990s.

Help !!
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OMG, what did I do?
I just promised Kerstin to read all 26 pages of her new article *today*!!

I can't even print it out!

I need coffee, and find my polsci muse again, which I lost somewhen last weekend.

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... I have no idea, but I feel a bit disappointed.

I thought I had actually done really good in my exam. It was the first time that I wanted the exam to last longer than the specified 20 minutes.
All I got was a lousy 3 - again!!

According to the prof I didn't go into the details he wanted, I stayed to cursory for his liking.
20 minutes. 3 topics with 10 texts. And you wanted to talk about every one of them!!
Surely you don't expect me to talk a mile a minute with no time in between for you to even ask your question??? Or do you?

Ah well, let's just be happy I even managed to pass the exam.
But now my avarage goes down the drain - literally. I just hope my written exam wasn't that bad.

In the end everything depends on my thesis. *argh* Way to go.
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OMG the secretary of doom actually managed to inform me that my oral exam takes place, tomorrow at 10!! Without me asking!!

I'm stunned, really stunned.
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I am this close to just exploding.

I was at Uni today because I had an appointment at 3pm with my political theory professor concerning my oral exam topics for next week.

So I wait, because I know that he tends to come a bit late, but after 15 min I ask his secretary when he'll come. You know what I get as an answer?

First she asks my name? Then she wants to know what I'm doing here. So I tell her that I have an appointment.
Then she procedes to tell me he's not coming in today, he called in sick this morning.
And then she tells me I'm not on her appointment list.

I was so close to just grabbing an' shaking her. She's such a useless person, it's not funny anymore. She can't coordinate anything.
Apparently she wrote down my first name in her calendar and forgot to add my last name, so after I left she didn't know my last name anymore and added a random last name she knew that fit with my first name. So this person got notified by her, but not me.

I just hope she didn't screw up my exam date and time and that the prof will be there next Thursday.


Kerstin on the other hand will probably leave Uni Stuttgart at the beginning of next semester (10/1) and go to Halle if she gets the job (she probably will, because the position was only posted internally and they actually wanted her for the position before that).
So I'll not have her around when I write my thesis, but she promised me she'll help and she even leaves the litarature she colleted on the topic with me, so yay for that, I don't need to do a big search on reasearch literature.


I had planned to finish reading the one text on collective opinion and heuristics today, but I can't concentrate.


Weather is totally shity today, raining all day long. It makes me depressive.
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I don't want to.

Can someone else please do the exam for me???

*goes to bed*

I'm pathetic.
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I am really really really really pissed.

You know I just waisted three precious hours I could have worked on transcribing that last session on globalisation and environment.

But no I had to rely on my so called "study friends" and go meet them at the library.
Quarter of an hour after our meeting time I get a call on my cell and the somewhat unsatisfactory explanation that the daugther of one of the two is at the hospital with a possible concusion and that she had sent a text message yesterday night. So the other (who was calling me) forgot that I was meant to meet with them as well and only this morning did she read her emails and remembered to tell me - when I was already at the library.


It's sad but once again I've learned to not rely on others, as hard as it is.
I'm just glad I made my own thing with studying and did not rely on them entirely.

The only good thing this morning, which actually helped me through my rage (yes I was fairly angry) was the totally random - or not - email in my inbox this morning with porn *g* I love my beta job.
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Can I kill my Computer?????

Pretty please?

I'm this close to just throwing it out of the window.

You know, I was finally working on the International Political Economics part of my oral exam when he decided to crash TWICE.

Now my motivation is shot to hell *ARGH*

I need to do something else for some time now.

Why do Interntional Relations have to be such a stupid part of PolSci?

I've never liked it.

It actually is the only part where I had to retake an exam in my second year.

Stupid, stupid, stupid topic. Why didn't I do a seminar instead of the lecture, would've been easier. *headdesk*
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So, I'm working through the lecture on Globalisation and I have to say I hate it.

It's nothing really precise and tangible. It sucks.

Well, I'll let myself be surprised with the second session, because it's on the theories surrounding globalisation. Maybe it gets clearer.


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