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Hi my name is Julia. I'd label myself as a semi-practicing Goth nowadays (I hate makeup and I'm too lazy to apply the nailpolish).

When I was in school (that means roughly 10 years ago) I was the kid no one saw and who mainly wore boys clothes. My favorite color was blue specifically navy blue. My clothes were always a number or two too big, I loved baggy pants with lots of pockets (which I still do).
I don't know when it changed, when I started to like black better. I think it came with my choice of music.
The only color I would wear was black. My mother would go on and on how I couldn't just wear black, that I should add some color. She still does. I don't care.

Two years ago I added white and red into the mix. You just can't resist those colors.
Last year kakhi joined the variety but I don't have that much in that color. Then there's the green top in a flower print. Don't ask me. I am still not sure why but I bought a pink top last year as well. I love it because it's in this ridiculous western style with lace and stuff. *g*
My mom says that as a kid I loved dresses and skirts. I hate them. Well hated because I own several skirts now. Although they have to be at least knee length otherwise I won't wear them.

So what's the point of this post you ask?
I went shopping today in one of my favorite stores, Esprit. They are ridiculously expensive on occasion. You don't want to know how much money I've spent today (455€), but I wasn't in a store since December last year so I can be forgiven. I bought a dress. In a ridiculous pasley design. And a pair of pants in plain violet (no pic sorry, they apparently don't have it online).

I have gone crazy. But I love it, they look awesome.


Feb. 5th, 2009 09:10 pm
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It's 9pm and I'm in bed. Pathetic isn't it? But then I'd rather be in bed than fueling my cold any more by sitting infront of the TV or PC. I'm freezing my ass of literally.
I got the wifi on my itouch to work again, because it apparently doesn't like our router and I have to connect it manually, every time!
I have two of my "happy blue pills" as I like to call them next to me. I'll take them in an hour or so, because I'll be out like a light within 20 minutes after taking them. At least they help. Oh and I have my periode so perfect timing /sarcasm

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I managed to screw up my whole day today.
First thing I do is run back inside this morning because I forgot my stupid umbrella and somehow tripped over my own feet resulting in massiv pain in the left foot.
Alas I was late for the train so I had to hurry up. Which meant more pain on the way and after leaving said vehicle.
I somehow got through the day till 3pm when I met my parents. Shopping is awesome - when your foot doesn't hurt.
The train back home had a 30 min delay. *headdesk*
To make matters worse the breadknife decided it liked my thumb better than the bread.

I still haven't managed to write up that report about the roadtrip of doom. Have to do that on the weekend.

And now I need to change this stupid T9 to English because it always suggests German words.

Oh and can I take a skip on this whole life thing? Because it sucks right now.


Oct. 19th, 2008 07:13 pm
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Nice if this works I can post from my ipod.


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