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2009-01-17 12:36 pm
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RIP Blackie
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2009-01-05 09:05 pm
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The sorrows of the new year

RIP Brownie

One of my three gerbils died today. We were on our way back from Bavaria (like 45 min from home) when my Dad called and said that the woman who was looking after the gerbils had called and that one of them was probably dying.
So we drove home as fast as we could, alas the snow and freezing temperatures made it harder than we would have liked. We arrived just in time to literally see him take his last breath. The black one on the other hand has enjoyed our personal care very much and is very much alive. Although he still looks a bit thin.
We will bury Brownie tomorrow in my Grandma's backyard.

Silverster was crazy. Sascha's big fireworks show nearly couldn't start because of sudden snowfall an hour before midnight. So we had to rescue it and cover it with blankets. All went well and it was awesome.

More to come from me when home has been rewarmed and we've unpacked everything tomorrow.
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2008-09-22 08:30 pm


*tries to open her eyes*

I'm constantly tired these days and I don't know why.

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I'm starting to ramble.

*off to take some aspirin*
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2008-04-25 07:22 pm
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OMG my Dad's finally getting the knack of all that cell phone and internet and computer stuff.
I just got a picture message on my cell from my father, the man who can't even get his new cell to work.
*is amazed*

On another note, my gerbils were at each others throats again. I don't know what to do anymore. I like had a breakdown right infornt of their cage. I just can't take so much shit anymore.

It's strange.
Everytime I have one, just one little good, fun, happy experience everything has to go downhill again.
And I feel bad for even writing and complaining about it.
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2008-03-14 03:56 pm
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So I have just cleaned both my gerbil's cages and thought I could post some pics.

Sorry for the crappy quality. I only had the camera from my cell. I didn't want to use Sascha's Canon SLR

Those two are - as you can see - Blacky and Whitey *g* They're in Browny's cage because their own is just being cleaned. (Browny was in a small cardboard box)

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2008-03-11 01:54 pm
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A red Whity

Apparently my gerbils don't like each other once again.
Ever other month they seem to get into a fight and one or both are totaly covered in blood.
Mostly it seems to be about food, which I don't understand because they always have plenty of it and are actually a bit too fat because of it.

Ah well I just hope it doesn't end the same way it ended with Brownie - a new cage and all on their own.
My problem is that I don't understand why they really fight. They know each other from birth and have grown up together. It's the same with Brownie, no idea why the other two didn't like him anymore.
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2007-11-22 05:35 pm
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I hate transcribing

Ok, so I still am not finished with that term paper on Second Language Acquisition.

First I still have to transcribe half of The North Wind and the Sun that our speaker recorded and
Second, I have an idiot as my partner. Sorry for the harsh words but if he finishes one sentence (transcribing phones, words and pitch) in the same time I need for like 3 sentences then something is wrong.

Also he like cancelled 3 appointments we had. We should have been finished weeks ago.

Well, my part of the paper is written, let's hope that he finishes his till tomorrow at 11am. Because if not, I'm going crazy.
If he needs to write it tomorrow, I'm going to do some work, there's more than enough tables to create for Kerstin's dissertation and she needs them.


Those little things called gerbils over there in their cages are driving me nuts with their scratching. *argh*
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2007-08-05 08:13 pm
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I'm totally down. I don't know what to do anymore.
Two of my three gerbils, Blackie and Whitey, had a fight during the time me and Sascha were out with my parents.
It's not the first fight but I'm not sure if it will be the last one.

But it definitely is the roughest till now.

I just came into the room and saw Blackie sitting in a corner and Whitey hidding under a wood log I have in the cage. They both have blood all over them and I can't take them out, because they won't let me touch them.

Sascha had to look after them, because I couldn't stop crying.
And I don't know, if they will survive the night. The last fights they came through quite ok. But this time? They each are just sitting in seperate corners and do nothing.

I hate that!
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2007-08-01 03:20 pm
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Cleaning out


I hate cleaning the gerbil cages. Especially with three crazy gerbils in them.

And that desinfectant against bugs and the like just smells like shit and they say you can use it with the aminals still in the cage *shakes heads*. Never

ETA1: Ok, Blackie and White (yeah, yeah I know not quite inventive names, so blame me) are going crazy with their now clean cage.

ETA2: And no. 3 in it's cage. First reaction: Where is my house? See ya and I'm vanished. But now he's expolring but not as wild as the other two.