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I'm bored, bored, bored.

I'm sitting in my dad's office since like 4pm and am 'helping' Sascha install and setup the two new PC's.

We ordered pizza and I'm not feeling so good. I've spend way too much time on the toilette and my stomach feels queasy.

I'm just glad I have my laptop with me, so I'm sittting in a corner and read some fics, but no more!!!! *argh* I might need to reread some, just so that I'm occupied.

Me can go home noa????????????
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I just had to reboot my PC three fucking times in the span of half an hour, because my graphics card apparently can't handle five open Firefox tabs.
I've d/l a new driver but I'll wait for Sascha to tell me yes/no on the installation. I don't want to mess up this piece of shit technology anymore than it already is.

Seriously, I think I'm cursed or something when it comes to tech things.

I had to clean out my freezer yesterday night, because it had suddenly decided to really freeze up water (wherever it came from) all over the inside and I couldn't close the door anymore. *headshake*
So now I have it on 'super freeze whatever' since 9 last night and it still isn't on the right temp. I think most of the things I have in the freezer have gone bad, because they've warmed up too much. Damn, I don't want to throw away the things, they were expensive enough and I don't think we have enough money left to replace them.

Ahh life how I like you.


The neighbor's dog started to bark at 4am this morning. Me and especially Sascha are dog lovers mind you, but we were this close to just murder someone today.
The problem is, the guy leaves in the evening and comes back at around 7am or so and the dog is home alone all the time (except for two cats). I don't want to have a look at his apartment. That poor dog had to have pissed and shit all over the apartment.
If it doesn't stop this week, and I think we gave him enough time and warning to have it taken care of, we'll call our local animal shelter and have them take care of it. I normally don't intervene with something like this, but if it robs us of our sleep, and that poor dog is suffering, I can't look away anymore.
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OK, seriously?

Got myself another new headset, and Sascha got himself a new one as well.

Both are not working, on neither of our PCs!

The old ones we had worked just fine.

We're currently at a lose as to what is wrong.

*headdesk* *headdesk* I can only emphasize it again: I HATE TECHNOLOGY!


ETA: Mhhh, so apparently all it needed was to restart the comp like a million times and disabling the autorecognition.

And if you think that was all the problems we had today? Oh no. We bought the new printer Sascha'd wanted for some time now (Man, what a bit of money in the bank account can do to you). And you'd think the easy installation, where you have nothing to do, would do it? Yeah, after trying it like 10 times he got mad and used the custom option and tada! it works. *headdesk*
Now I can finally print from my own PC because we connected the printer to the network. Although now it stands in the middle of our dresser in the hallway because it has no wifi and the dsl router's there. Better than nothing though.
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I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*kills her new headset*
20€ spent for a broken mic
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... and I hate my graphics board.
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So apparently my 'puter was infested with nasty little bugs that Sascha took care of. *g*
Now I'm all protected.

Sometimes I hate the internet. But only sometimes.

ETA: And apparently Sascha's in heaven now. His aunt has ordered him 10 punds of sour skittles. Heaven!!!!
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Can I kill my Computer?????

Pretty please?

I'm this close to just throwing it out of the window.

You know, I was finally working on the International Political Economics part of my oral exam when he decided to crash TWICE.

Now my motivation is shot to hell *ARGH*

I need to do something else for some time now.

Why do Interntional Relations have to be such a stupid part of PolSci?

I've never liked it.

It actually is the only part where I had to retake an exam in my second year.

Stupid, stupid, stupid topic. Why didn't I do a seminar instead of the lecture, would've been easier. *headdesk*


Jul. 14th, 2008 03:30 pm
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Oh, totally forgot to mention, that Sascha finally managed to install CS2 on my 'puter.
So now I only need to find out how it works *vbg*
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*kills her wlan*

Sunday mornings, every week the same. Poor or no connectivity. *argh*


On another note, we're of to Tripsdrill with my parents *g*
Going to be so much fun. It's more or less a ritual now, because every year we go to one of Germany's funparks and have a great time.
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Sometimes I love my Professors for trying to make University life easier and more modern. Just take a look at our elearning platform where all the text we have to read are provided or the recordings of certain lectures so that you can hear them again and so on.

Sometimes I just can shake my head at how stupid a Professor can be in the way he handles the new technologies.

I have this seminar that I need to take for my oral exams in political sciences. Its about Public Administration in Germany. No problem with the topic or the Prof (alas he's a bit strange on the teaching side, quite the opposite of most of the Professors I had so far), but the way he uses our elearning platform is hilarious.

He made a really good PowerPoint presentation and we normaly print them out beforehand to write additional imformation on the printouts. That's more or less how it's handled with most of us students.
But said Professor has integrated the PPT as a Flash Player movie into the platform. So now we have no way of d/l it or printing it out directly. And the window is so small you can't even read some of the information provided. Now we have to make desktop pictures, resize them in paint and copy/past it into Word. *ARGH*

*headdesk* Call that economical
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So apparently my iPod doesn't like my computer anymore, or the other way round.

No matter which version, the computer doesn't list the ipod as a flash driver, and iTunes doesn't list the iPod.

So now I can't listen to my music and I can't upload the new and shiny CD Sascha bought yesterday.
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I think I'm going to kill my internet connection right about now!!!!!!!

It's slow, it's has a live of it's own, and I hate it.
I try to d/l SGA since 11 this morning and I've 4 broken files, so now I'm back to the torrent which will take me about two (2!) days to finish. *ARGH*

The websites don't load and it's like being on a modem again. I hate our provider, it's supposted to be DSL but we don't even get a real 1mbit connection.

Ah whatever.
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It's half past nine and I feel like run over several times by a truck.

Sascha and I just spent 3 hours at my parents because my father's computer didn't work - I think he caught himself some sort of virus or whatever. Well in the end he's getting a new one (and is totally happy about it *g* because he thinks his old one sucks which it doesn't, but he has no idea what he's doing at the computer so: pot - kettle)

On another note I'm this short of going crazy about Kerstin's dissertation. Her deadline was last Friday, which she got an extension on until this Friday. And I'll be so glad when all this is over (for all German speakers here do make it clear how I feel: Ich werd drei Kreuze machen wenns vorbei ist). She constantly changes everything. I had to create tables over and over again, like up to 6 times because she made mistakes or her advisor told her to do it this way and not that, and so on........


And then someone told me today, that for my oral exams in English Lit in May I not only need to prepare one topic but THREE. SO in the end I have:

written exam: 8 American Dramas of the 20th century (added secondary literature, because I have no idea about the topic)
about 20 texts/chapters on Old English
ONE translation German - English

oral exam: 7 to 8 novels on Gothic
roughly 20 to 30 American 20th century Short Stories
and the small topic I don't know yet (probably 8 to 10 poems by EA Poe)
and of course about 20 texts/chapters on Middle English


And that's only part one.
After that I still have one written and three oral exams in political science that I need to pass.

I don't want anymore. I'm constantly tired right now, I have no time for anything. I'm about to pass out right now, the only thing that keeps me awake is the brightness of my monitor.



Dec. 13th, 2007 08:31 pm
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Ok, this is embarassing.

I was just going through my flist, when I came upon some really strange LJcuts, and when I klicked them LJ asked me to verify that I'm 14 or older.
So I was like HELLO!! I'm close to 26 and I definitely know that's what my DOB entry says.

Until I realized I hadn't logged in.

*dies of embarassment*
That was such a weird experience.


On another note.
I know now, why I hate working in the library. *g*
Apparently my last year at Uni tries to make everything more complicated than it was before.
All the books I need for my last two papers ever (excluding my final thesis) are only available in the permanent part of the library, meaning I can't borrowing the books and take them home with me.
So today I spent 4 hours working in the library for the first time in the whole 4 1/2 years I'm studying now. *argh*

I feel strange.


Then I had an encounter with some evil person who doesn't want me to watch Dexter 2x2. I d/l a torrent file that had the normal 350mb but ended up being only 3 seconds long and demanded I d/l some kinda player, which if you google the name turns out to be a trojan horse. So I'm still looking for a avi file thats working, although I have a 1.4gb torrent file loading right now. I'll see how long it takes me.


Nov. 15th, 2007 03:17 pm
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... do I have the feeling, that I want to kill everything and anything that does on my nerves lately?

I'm this close to opening that damn computer and throwing out my graphics board.
I had to reset this damn thing twice in the last hour or so.

I'm just working on some sound files, isn't that more a problem for the on borad sound then the graphics borad ?!!

*total technics idiot here*
But SAscha made a comment on the phone at noon, I think he wants to switch our cards and see if the problem stays or not. We'll see.


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