Nov. 12th, 2008

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Seriously, this week is fucked up in so many different ways it's not normal anymore.

Today for example:

First, Sascha forgets his cell at home.
Second, this morning it was freezing cold so I take out the winter coat - which actually was totally unnecessary because not two hours later it starts to get really warm. So I came home totally sweated through.

Then, I need this introductory part from a book (Cleavage Structures by Lipset and Rokkan) and the book's already borrowed by someone else and has already another prebooking on it, so I would get it in like two month. Not good. So I was frantically searching the internet the last three weeks until I find this comment, that the specific part was reprinted in another book. So I look for this book, but only online and find it in Google books. So I was like printscreening and copy&pasting it like crazy, but I was still missing the last 20 pages because of the restrictions with Google.
So while I was looking for a different book today, not at the University library but at the regional library (which is also in Stuttgart), I find the second book. I was like *headdesk* over and over.

Then I was at the Uni library to get one (!) book but actually came out with like 10 or so. *again headdesk* So I had to rearrange my bag and carry half of my things under my arm, because I hadn't enough space.

Then I come home, find an announcement in the mail that the bofrost guys (a food delivery service) come next Wednesday, when I'm not at home, so I call to rearrange the appointment. But instead of telling her that they should come after 4pm I tell her to come after 2pm which is too early, but I only realized it after I'd hung up the phone. So I need to come home an hour earlier next week, which isn't so bad but yeah...

Then I go down in the basement and walk into a puddle of water *argh* It's only in a small part of the main area and then in our part of the cellar. First I thought it was a burst pipe or something like it, but now I think that the refrigerator we have down there (turned off because it's broken and we're too lazy to dispose of it) lost all of it's cooling fluid. Which means Sascha and I need to somehow get the basement dry this evening (He's going to lynch me).

Can it be weekend now, please??


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